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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chocolate & Magazine Sale Kick-Off Today!

The students seemed very enthusiastic!

Gymnasium Advertisements

If you are interested in purchasing a gymnasium advertisement sign, they are 500.00 for 3 years. Please contact info@fcbcs.org to inquire. Thank you for your patronage!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

School is CLOSED today wednesday.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From Mrs. Mayfield:

Any girl who wants to go on the trip to hear the MIT student presentation on Wednesday should be in the front hall outside the main office at 7:50 am. Permission forms are on the Guidance link on the school website. Click on the Forms page.
(These plans are assuming it does not snow.)

Valentine Events

Sweetheart breakfast & Chocolate Auction
Feb , 2009 from 7-9 AM.
Interact Valentine sale
will be Feb. 6-Feb.11
with delivery on Feb. 12.

Pancake Breakfast Info & Sign Up Sheet

(click to make this form larger and print off.)

Please come! Also, sign up in the office or email me at info@fcbcs.org if you can send cakes or pies for the "Chocolate Auction".

Thank you.

Congratulations Clay Prater

Congratulations go out to Clay Prater who was recently awarded the Champion Showman in the Junior Division in the 2009 State Market Hog Show. He also earned 7 ribbons ranging from first to seventh place. Congratulations, Clay. We are very proud of you.


From the Superintendent

Basketball season is rapidly winding down. Basketball is certainly one of our most popular activities here at Boyd, and I want to thank everyone who makes this activity possible for our students. First of all, our coaches who volunteer their time, Jeanne Hagar, Amanda Prater, Chris Sullens, Chris Perry, Donna Newby, Alan Burger, Greta Hoover, and Brent Warren. Our new athletic director, Dale Stubblefield, has also done an outstanding job for us. Our bus driver, Mr. Leonard Clemons, has always been reliable and makes sure that your children are safely transported to and from away games.

We also are thankful for all of our parents who have volunteered their time by working in the concession stand. This is an important part of our games, and you have all done such a wonderful job. Our booster club has been so helpful in organizing this.

I also want to thank all of the parents of our players who have brought food for our hospitality room. This has been a wonderful touch to our games this year. Visiting coaches and officials have often commented on how much they appreciate it. It causes them to enjoy coming to Boyd even more. In Romans 12, the apostle Paul says that we should be “given to hospitality”, and our parents are excellent examples. It makes me so proud of our school when visitors compliment our parents.

Finally, a big thanks goes to all of our teachers who take turns working the gate. There are so many who work hard behind the scenes to make sure that our students have opportunities to play sports.

Upcoming Sports Events

1/27...HS Basketball vs. Van Buren Co., 6:00
1/30...HS Basketball @ Eagleville, 6:00

Presentation for Girls, Grades 6-12

On Wednesday and Friday, of this week, January 28 and 30, representatives from Massachusetts Institute of Technology will present programs at Warren County High School. The purpose of these programs is to encourage girls to consider the engineering field as a career choice, and to encourage them to take more demanding math classes. Our girls have been invited to participate in these programs. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students.

Guidance Webpage

Please take a look at the guidance webpage from time to time. It can be accessed from our home page, www.fcbcs.org. Mrs. Gayle Mayfield, our guidance counselor, does a wonderful job of updating information on the website.

Grades 3-4-5 to visit Raintree Manor

Our students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will visit Raintree Manor Wednesday, February 11. Afterwards, those students who have made their AR goals will eat lunch and go bowling. Please contact Ms. Farless, Mrs, Vandagriff, or Mr. Burks for more information.

Middle School Soccer Starting at Boyd

We are planning to begin a middle school soccer team at Boyd this spring. The team would be coed, so we boys and girls are encouraged to play. The team is open to students in grades 5-8. Please contact Mrs. Terry Stubblefield in the office if your son or daughter wants to play.

Lunch Menu for January 27-February 2

Wednesday…Taco Salad
Thursday…Chicken Quesadilla
Friday...Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Monday...Riblets, Mashed Potatoes, Corn
News from the Elementary

Kindergarten…Mrs. Hoover
In Kindergarten this week, we will be focusing on the letter h. We are continuing to work on counting by 5's and 2's in math. In Bible, we will be studying about Abraham. Keep practicing the books of the Bible at home each day. The student of the week is Sarah Argo! Have a great week!

Grade 1…Mrs. Keele
We will be very busy this week! Our reading stories are "Rose and Grandma Make the Sun Shine" and "Our Family Get-Together". In math, we are beginning the chapter "Counting to 100". We will be studying about Daniel in Bible class. There is a high school basketball game Tuesday night at 6pm. Come and support out teams! Have a great week!

Grade 2…Mrs. Newby
2nd grade This week we will read "Bruno the Baker". We will continue to work on addition facts and have a quiz on Friday. Mrs. Kim Rigsby will come on Friday and help us work on a special art project. In Bible we will be studying about Abraham and Isaac.

Grade 3…Ms. Farless
This week the third graders will be participating in several activities to celebrate Chinese New Year. One activity will involve them making a Chinese dragon out of recycled egg cartons. In spelling class, they will be learning to spell words that make the same vowel sound as boy and moon. Next, in math class they will continue to learn their multiplication facts. This week they will be learning the multiples of sevens and eights. Their Bible lesson for the week is about being obedient. We will be reading about Joseph. Our memory verse for this week is Philippians 4:13. Finally, our student of the week is Reagan Roberts. Congratulations to Reagan!

Grade 4…Mrs. Vandagriff

The fourth grade class will have a busy week. On Friday, we will celebrate Chinese New Year. We have many activities planned for this celebration. We will also be eating Chinese food for lunch. We are still working on making homemade Valentine's Day cards for the troops in Iraq and for residents in an area nursing home. We are planning to visit the nursing home to sing songs, visit, and deliver our Valentine's cards in a few weeks. Remember we will have a Language Test over Chapter 13 tomorrow. Have a great week!!!

Grade 5…Mr. Burks

Students are working hard to improve their skills for the Writing Assessment on February 3. They made many beautiful Valentine's cards Friday for the residents at Raintree Manor. I know the residents will be uplifted by the cards and visit. 4-H posters are due January 27.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Homecoming Pictures

Thank you Linda Roller for the pictures!

Special Thank You's

We would like to thank Goolsby's Sausage for donating sausage for the upcoming Pancake Breakfast and also Billy's Restaurant for donating pancake batter. Your support is so important and greatly appreciated. We hope to see you both there.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mini Newsletter

From the Superintendent

This will be an abbreviated newsletter due to the short week. Another newsletter will go out on Monday.

Congratulations to Victoria Woods for being named Tennessee State Fairest of the Fair. Victoria is an outstanding student and is an excellent representative of Boyd Christian School.

Congratulations also go to Monica Hillis and Cole Stubblefield, who were named Homecoming Queen and King last Saturday. I also want to thank Mrs. Sonia Vandagriff, Mrs. Jeanne Hagar, and all of our other teachers who worked so hard to organize his event.

We have had some interest in the possibility of adding a three year old pre-kinder class. If you are interested in this class for your child next year, please call the school and give your name to Mrs. Terry Stubblefield.

Upcoming Sports Events

1/22...JH Basketball vs. Dibrell, 6:00
(8th Grade Recognition)
1/23...HS Basketball vs. Community, 6:00
1/16...HS Basketball vs. Community, 6:00
1/17...HS Basketball vs. Mt. Juliet Christian, 6:00

Lunch Menu for January 23-30

Friday...Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Monday...Meat and Two Lunch
Wednesday…Taco Salad
Thursday…Chicken Quesadilla
Friday...Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Scrip Challenge

I want to challenge you all to purchase one scrip card this month. The program is not asking for money. The places you can use the cards are places you already shop. If you go to Wal-Mart, Texaco, or Applebee's you can use scrip! There are over 100 vendors and it is free money for the school. We did really well this fall with the program and since we have been back this month, our participation is minimal. I encourage you all to use this method of fundraising for Boyd because it doesn't cost anything. Well, maybe a few minutes of planning. I, myself, do all of my Wal-Mart and Walgreens shopping through Boyd. Mr. Harper buys all of his gas through the school. I challenge you to sit down this weekend, look at your budget and see where your spending is for next month. If you can, please do purchase scrip cards to shop in February! If every family would use ONE we would truly benefit. Also, a thank you for the Pizza Hut participation on Wednesdays! If we keep up how much we have done, we can easily earn $500 a month for Boyd. Just remember Wednesdays before or after church, dine in, call for delivery, or carryout your dinner at Pizza Hut. Let me also remind you that our Annual Spring Banquet is getting closer every day. If you have friends or family who are ALABAMA fans, please do let them know that Coach Gene Stallings will be here and we would be delighted to have them as guests. If you would like me to send out banquet information, please send me an email. I am also curious how many of you are familiar with the International Baccalaureate Program, commonly referred to as "IB". If you are interested, please send me an email. Again, thank you for all of your support and cooperation. Remember to keep BCS in your prayers! Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Congratulations to Victoria Woods on winning Tennessee State Fairest of the Fair and Miss Photogenic. We are so proud of you!!

Constructing DNA

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Luck Victoria Woods!

Pageant Info

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


TCAP Testing will be April 13-20. 2009.


Please remember to eat at Pizza Hut Wednesday all day or night! Dine in, delivery, or carry out. BE SURE TO TAKE YOUR BCS SLIP or we will not get credit! Thank you!

January 12, 2009

From the Superintendent

It is the time of year when we start to make plans for the next school year. One area we are looking at is our pre-kinder program. We have had a wonderful pre-kinder program for a long time, and Mrs. Renee Burch has continued that excellence this year. However, the last two years, our pre-kinder class has not been full. Since the cost of our pre-kinder is very competitive with other programs here in McMinnville, we have wondered why it isn’t full.

We believe that one area for growth could be at the three year old level. Currently, our pre-kinder is for four year old children only. Families have had to look elsewhere for services for their three year old children. It stands to reason that, if a family is happy with the pre-kinder program where their child attended as a three year old, they probably aren’t going to move their child to Boyd at age four. We believe that if we were to add a three year old program, not only would our enrollment increase by that number of students, our four year old class would grow also.

In addition, this year’s senior class is one of our largest. Adding a three year old program would help offset the loss of those students next year.

At this point, we are only studying the feasibility of adding a three year old class. We have not yet made a decision. However, it would be very helpful to know how many families might be interested in this. If you have a child who will be three years old by September 1, or if you know of another family who will have a three year old who would be interested, please call Terry Stubblefield at school and let her know. Also, please remember that we pay a $200 bonus per family for referrals. Referrals for pre-kinder class would be eligible for this bonus.

No School Monday, January 19

Parent Teacher Conferences

Please remember that Parent Teacher Conferences will be this Thursday, January 15, from 3:00 to 6:00.

Snow is forecast for this week.
Please remember to read the information about school closing in the event of snow. This can be found on the blog. Watch TV stations 2, 4, and 17 for the latest information.

If you think that you would be likely to use our child care service in the event of a snow day, please call the school and give your name to Mrs. Terry Stubblefield in the front office. We would like to know beforehand if this is a service that we need to continue to provide.

Homecoming January 17

Please remember that Homecoming is this Saturday, January 17. The program will begin at 3:00.

Upcoming Sports Events

1/13...HS Basketball @ Cascade, 6:00
1/15...7th-8th Basketball @ Irving College, 6:00
1/16...HS Basketball vs. Community, 6:00
1/17...HS Basketball vs. Mt. Juliet Christian, 6:00

Lunch Menu for January 13-19
Wednesday…Taco Salad
Thursday…Chicken Quesadilla
Friday...Chili Soup
Monday...No School

News from the Elementary

Kindergarten…Mrs. Hoover

Mrs. Greta Hoover's kindergarten is so busy getting ready for first grade. We are learning to read, add numbers together, and spell. Our first spelling test is this Friday! In Bible, we are really enjoying our new Bible curriculum. It is great! We are learning our Old and New Testament books! Let's show our school spirit this week and dress up each day! Have a great week!

Grade 1…Mrs. Keele

The first grade is very excited about Spirit Week. We are looking forward to dressing up each day. Our reading stories for this week are "The Same As You" and "Cherry Pies and Lullabies". We will have a spelling test on Friday. In math, we will finish the chapter on time.

Grade 2…Mrs. Newby

We want to welcome Saylor Hodges to Boyd School and second grade. She has a brother, Christian, in seventh grade. It is going to be a busy and exciting week. Homecoming is Saturday. Don't forget to dress up each day and show lots of school spirit this week!

Grade 3…Ms. Farless

This week the third graders will be reading the story "Sam and His Lucky Money" in reading class. This story is about Chinese New Year. In language class, they will be continuing to study how to write past and future tense verbs. We will start chapter six in our math book. This week we will be learning our three and four multiplication facts. Our science unit this week will involve the study of simple machines. Finally, our Bible lesson for this week is about being truthful. To coincide with this lesson we will be reading in the Bible about Cain, Ananias, and Sapphira. Our memory verse for this week is Colossians 3:9. Don't forget to study it and your multiplication facts!

Grade 4…Mrs. Vandagriff

This week we will be finishing Charlotte's Web. We have really enjoyed reading this book and doing activities over it. We will be having a Language test on Tuesday. On Friday, we will have tests in Spelling, Reading, and the Memory Verse will be due. Remember this week is Spirit Week. Check the classroom newsletter for all the details for each day. Don't forget Homecoming is this Saturday. Activities begin at 3:00. Hope to see you there!!!

Grade 5…Mr. Burks

Spirit Week! Go Broncos! The life of Jesus will be our Bible topic for the next several weeks. We continue our study of different kinds of energy in Science. The Great Depression and Dust Bowl are two of our topics in History. In math we begin Order of Operation and graphing ordered pairs of numbers. Students will need graph paper this week. Pronouns will be the topic of study in Language Arts. Good News note: all students have increased their reading level according to the latest Star Reading results. One student has more than doubled his reading level. Way to go fifth grade.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

PTF & Triple B Meetings Monday January 12 !!!

Please plan to attend the PTF meeting in the cafeteria. We will be discussing the Magazine sale starting January 29 as well as the Sweetheart Auction February 7. Please come - we need your support!

Immediately following the PTF Meeting, there will be a TRIPLE B Athletic club meeting in the cafeteria.
The price of lunch will increase to 3.25 effective Monday, January 29.

Congratulations Cassie Wanamaker

Congratulations to Cassie Wanamaker who won a $1000.00 scholarship from United Southern Girls Fastpitch (USGF). She wrote an essay bout how the USGF provides opportunities for young girls. Other qualifications for this scholarship were: Cassie had to be sponsored by her coach Larry Pirtle and have played in the USGF sanction such as tournaments and their state tournament. The scholarship can be used to further her college career at the college of her choice next year.

Congratulations Clay Prater

Congratulations go out to Clay Prater ( 6th grade) who recently won the 4H Public Speaking Contest in Warren County! Way to go!

Pizza Hut Success-

Thank you to all of the people who ate at Pizza Hut last night!
(Lexi, Libby,Sonya, Coy, Rance, Christy, and Steve T.)
Remember to eat there every Wednesday in January and Boyd earns 20%!

Reminder to Use H&R Block !

Please print this form and take it with you to Northgate Plaza or Walmart and BCS will earn 25.00.
Thank you!


Thursday 7 & 8 against Eastside at Boyd 6:00pm
Friday High School at Forrest (AWAY) 6:00pm
Saturday High School vs. St. Andrews at Boyd 6:00pm

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6, 2009

From the Superintendent

I hope that all of you had a safe and happy Christmas and New Years. We are all excited to be back, and we are looking forward to the second semester.

Over the break, we divided Mrs. Knox’s classroom into two separate rooms. This will meet our classroom needs and will allow us to move the class which has temporarily been meeting in the library. I especially want to thank Randy Jones, one of our school board members, for all of his hard work during the Christmas vacation to get the room ready for the start of school.

Please remember to read the information about school closing in the event of snow. This can be found on the blog. Watch TV stations 2, 4, and 17 for the latest information.

This year, for the first time, we are offering child care on days when we are closed for snow. We offered this service on the last snow day, but no one chose to make use of it. If you think that you would be likely to use our child care service in the event of a snow day, please call the school and give your name to Mrs. Terry Stubblefield in the front office. We would like to know beforehand if this is a service that we need to continue to provide.

Spring Banquet March 28

Please remember our annual Spring Banquet on Saturday evening, March 28, 2009, at the McMinnville Civic Center. Our guest speaker will be Gene Stallings, former football coach at the University of Alabama. Coach Stallings is a devout member of the Lamar Avenue Church of Christ. He is widely regarded as an inspirational speaker. The tailgate party will begin at 6:00 with the banquet to follow at 7:00. Tickets are $125 each and $1,000 per table. Please contact Mrs. Sullens at school to reserve your seats.

Lunch Prices to Increase

Effective Monday, January 12, our cafeteria prices will increase to $3.25 per student. In addition, we have arranged for the Westwood Market to cater some of our meals for us. The first such meal will be on January 12.

Upcoming Sports Events

1/6...HS Basketball vs. Eagleville, 6:00
1/8...7th-8th Basketball vs. Eastside, 6:00
1/9...HS Basketball @ vs. Forrest, 6:00
1/10...HS Basketball @ St. Andrews, 6:00

Lunch Menu for January 6-12
Tuesday...Chicken Nuggets
Wednesday…Mini Corn Dogs
Monday...Meat and Two Lunch (Catered)

News from the Elementary

Kindergarten…Mrs. Hoover
Mrs. Greta's kindergarten class will be celebrating the new year by making hats today! We will also be reading a new story called "Farfallina and Marcel" and learning the letter f. In Bible, we will be practicing all the books of the Old Testament and begin learning the New Testament song. We have a new Bible program that we will begin this week! We will also continue to work on counting by 1's, 5's, and 10's in math. We hope everyone has a great week!

Grade 1…Mrs. Keele
Welcome back! I hope that everyone had a wonderful break. We will begin our fourth reading book today. Our reading stories for this week are "The Red Stone Game" and "The Gingerbread Man". We will have a spelling test on Friday. We will continue learning how to tell time. Have a great week!

Grade 2…Mrs. Newby
2nd graders are excited to be back to work reviewing material and learning new things each week. Congratulations goes to Jaden Vining. Jaden had the most AR points last six weeks in our class.

Grade 3…Ms. Farless
The third graders will start out the new year learning their multiplies of nine, in math class. In language class, they will be learning about verb tenses. In science class, they will be learning about force and gravity. They will be performing an activity to demonstrate their knowledge of force and gravity. Our Bible lesson for the week will be about being unselfish and content. Also, the third graders will be receiving their first book report assignment this week. They will need to go ahead and find a chapter book to use for their book report. Our student of the week is Garrett Gilliam. Congratulations to Garrett!

Grade 4…Mrs. Vandagriff

The fourth grade class at BCS had a wonderful experience before our holiday break. Our Nursing Home Basket Project was a HUGE success. Along with the fifth grade class, we were able to raise enough money to make 46 baskets!! We also make over 100 homemade cards for the residents. It was a day that we will never forget. This week will be very busy as we get back to work. We are continuing to read "Charlotte's Web," and do many activities with this amazing book. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break. May God bless you all in 2009!!

Grade 5…Mr. Burks

Happy New Year. I know everyone is excited to be back. I hope everyone had a relaxing and joyful holiday break and are anxious to get back to school and learn. This week we are going to review the first semester in Math and Language Arts. We will understand the changes in America during the “Roaring Twenties.” We continue to study energy in Science and will complete two activities to reinforce what we read about energy. Our reading story will allow students to compare a holiday celebration in America to that of another country. Bible lessons will focus on the New Testament. Luke 1 will be studied this week. Our memory verses will be Psalms 23. The spelling words will be taken from the Tennessee Education Vocabulary list. These are words students will need to be familiar with when taking the TCAP test in April. Finally, students will be practicing their writing skills each week in preparation for the Writing Assessment in February. We are going to be very busy between now and the end of April.
Welcome Back!!

Magazine Sale Starts January 29!

Permission forms go out today for the annual magazine and chocolate sale. Be sure to turn these in to your child's teacher by January 16. We need your support more than ever and hope that you will allow your child to participate. We look forward to some great rewards for the top sellers!


Be sure to take your family to Pizza Hut every Wednesday in January... dine in, delivery, or carry out. Be sure to pick up a slip from Terry or in the concession stand. BCS will earn 20% of all sales WITH A BCS slip. Be sure to take your paper with you!

H&R Block Fundraiser Forms Are In

If you are interested in participating in H&R Block preparing your taxes, please do pick up a slip from Terry in the office with our non-profit number. BCS will earn 25.00 per family that uses H&R Block. Thanks!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Borders Wars tournament

BCS placed in the Border Wars Tournament held this past week. The 7 & 8th grade girls basketball team received 3rd place! Congratulations to Bailey Gilliam and Bailey Griffith, who both received All Tournament Awards as well.