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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Athletic Fundraiser-

Discount Cards Have Arrived!!!

The Athletic Teams are introducing their fall fundraiser. This fundraiser will be
the biggest fundraiser of the season. Each athlete has received 10 cards to sell at
$10 each.

The athletic team and the individual who sales the most cards will be rewarded at
the end of the sale.

All Elementary Athletes should deliver their money to Greta Hoover, the Middle
School to Steve Hillis and the High School to Chris Perry. All money and any
leftover cards should be turned in by November 1st.

Thanks for helping make this fundraiser a success!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ms. Farless Treated Her Class To Farm Day

Scavenger Hunt

L.A.C.E. & P.T.F.

Scavenger Hunt

In order to prepare for Applefest, and help our school, we are conducting a
scavenger hunt.

Each item has been given a point value. You are encouraged to bring as many
items as possible

to help your class win the contest. The class with the most points will win
lunch at Gondola

Restaurant and a trip to the movie theater on a school day!!!

The collection days for the hunt are:


Please ask all your friends and neighbors to help you with the hunt. Good

Text Box: Items worth 10 points each:
*Box Tops for Education
*Campbell's Soup Labels
*Tyson Chicken Labels
*Prizes for Applefest (If you purchase a bag of prizes that contains 12
items, the bag is worth 120 points!!)

Text Box: Items worth 25 points each:
*Wal-Mart bag of aluminum cans

Text Box: Items worth 200 points each:
*paper towels (2 roll pack)
*bottle of bleach
*kitchen dish towel
*kitchen dish cloth
*can of Lysol spray
Text Box: Items worth 500 points each:
*individual serving variety pack of chips (any kind/or brand)
*a pumpkin (medium to large size)
*3lb. bag of apples
*bottle of Expo marker cleaner
*pack of 4 Expo markers

Number of Box Tops for Education _____ X 10 points each = _____ points

Number of Campbell's soup labels ________ X 10 points each = _______ points

Number of Tyson Chicken labels ________ X 10 points each = _______ points

Prizes for Applefest ______ X 10 points each = ________ points

Wal-Mart bag of cans _______ X 25 points per bag = ________ points

Package of plates (100 or more count) ______ X 100 points per package =
_______ points

Package of bowls (100 or more count) _______ X 100 points per package =
______ points

Package of hot dog buns _______ X 100 points per pack = _______ points

Package of hamburger buns X 100 points per pack = _______ points

Bottle of ketchup _______ X 100 points per bottle = _______ points

Bottle of mustard _______ X 100 points per bottle = _______ points

Dishwashing liquid (any size/brand) ________ X 100 points per bottle =
_______ points

Empty ink cartridges _______ X 100 points per cartridge = _______ points

Garbage bag of cans _______ X 100 points per bag = ________ points

Box of Little Debbie snacks _______ X 100 points per box = _______ points

Bag of animal crackers _______ X 100 points per box = _______ points

2L soft drink (any brand/flavor) _______ X 100 points per bottle = _______

Paper towels (2 roll package) _______ X 200 points per package = _______

Bottle of bleach ________ X 200 points per bottle = ________ points

Kitchen dish towels ________ X 200 per towel = _______ points

Kitchen dish cloths _______ X 200 points per cloth = _______ points

Can of Lysol spray ______ X 200 points per can = _______ points

Individual serving variety pack of chips ______ X 500 points per package/box
= _____ points

Pumpkins (medium or large size) _______ X 500 points per pumpkin = _______

3lb. bag of apples _______ X 500 points per bag = ________ points

Bottle of Expo marker cleaner ______ X 500 points per bottle = _______

4 count package of Expo makers _______ X 500 points per package = _______

Total number of points = _____________ !!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

From Mrs. Terry

Boyd Christian School Newsletter
September 27, 2010

Community Service Day
Mr. Marquette has assigned Thursday, October 7 as our first Community Service Day for grades Pre-K-12. There will be one work day each semester for a total of two per year. These very important work days are required and will be considered an unexcused absence if not present. Our first work day will consist of preparing the school for Applefest, both indoors and out. Please have students wear work clothes and be ready to begin at 8:00 Friday morning.
Our second work day will be an excellent opportunity to serve our community. Although we have not yet chosen a project, we look forward to hearing your ideas as we strive for “excellence in all we do.”
Due to its antiquated system, we will be discontinuing the use of Edline. It is our goal to provide a new product that will bring both versatility and service to our Boyd family.
We would also like to announce the arrival of an updated school website that should be available within the weeks to come.
Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent Teacher Conferences have been scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 29, 3:00-6:00. Meetings will be held in the cafeteria for Middle and High School. We apologize for this falling on Wednesday Bible study; it will not be a problem in the future.
Make plans to attend our Fall Bookfair which begins today and will be open from 8:00-2:45. Family night begins 3:00 Tuesday and ends at 5:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome!
Dates to Remember
Farm Day (Third Grade) -Tuesday, Sept 28
School Pictures- Oct. 5th
Applefest- Saturday, Oct. 9 (10:00-5:00)
Fall Break- October 11-15
Pancake Breakfast (D.C. trip)-Saturday, Nov. 13
Lunch Menu for Sept. 27-Oct. 1
Monday-Sloppy Joes, Sweet Potato Fries, Vegetable & Dip
Tuesday- Biscuit & Gravy, Bacon or Sausage, Eggs, Jelly
Wednesday- Taco Salad (sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, salsa) & Watermelon
Thursday- Pizza (cheese, pepperoni, hamburger) Pasta Salad, Vegetable & Dip
Friday- Grilled Hamburgers or Hotdogs, Assorted Chips

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Theater Arts ~ Project I





Mrs. Sullens' Theater class just finished reading Pygmalion. The students were asked to replicate a scene from the play or movie. The project must have included one 3-D element. They are on display in the library.

Clay Prater was awarded the outstanding project award.

Fair Art Winners

1st Place(Drawing)- Jesse Robinson

2nd Place ( Crayon)- Natalie Knox

3rd Place ( Magic Marker) - Heath Kuykendall

4th Place ( Pencil) - Brit Brown

4th Place( Abstract)- Abbi Hancock

Christy Farless - 3rd Grade Projects

Last week my class studied about the Tower of Babel in Bible class. Then,
we used marshmallows, frosting, and graham crackers to create our own
towers. Also, at home they created edible landforms. They brought their
landforms to school on Friday to present to the rest of the class.

Thursday, September 23, 2010



Boyd PTF notes as taken by C. Elliott.

Holly Hodges welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced herself and the
new PTF board. She and Kelly also gave everyone their phone numbers and
assured the attendees that they are welcome to contact them at any time.
Holly made sure that everyone had received an agenda for the meeting that
had been placed on the table.

Holly discussed how hard and dedicated Dachelle McVey worked to make the
fair booth such a success.

The meeting was turned over to Sonia to discuss the upcoming Apple Fest

1. It will be outside Oct. 9 from 10 till 5

2. Inflatables will be provided thanks to donations.

3. We will have a Snack walk instead of a cake walk; Debbie cakes are

4. Ring toss; 2 liter drinks are needed.

5. Chili cook-off; you will buy one ticket to taste test each
participants chili then drop your ticket in the bucket of the chili you like
best to nominate it for the "People's Choice Award". Mr. Marquette will also
have a "Principal's Choice Award".

6. Sonia is working on getting the National Guard (?) to bring the
rock wall for students to climb.

7. A money grab box is needed to for children to stand in while a fan
blows around play money for them to catch.

8. A dunk booth is needed.

9. Games are going to be provided for the older children, such as
eating contests, etc.

10. At 6, On The Road Again, will perform for the crowd.

11. L.A.C.E. is considering the idea of allowing students to purchase a
wristband for $20, which will give unlimited access to all games.

12. People and business' are encouraged to sponsor additional games that
can be rented from Grand Rental.

13. Each class will silent auction a basket of goodies

14. 2 Titan's tickets will also be auctioned and Holly stated that they
are very good seats. Jeff McVey suggested printing off the view from the
seat so that people would see how good they really are.

15. Volunteers are needed to grill hamburgers for the day.

16. Sign up lists will be in the office. High school students and middle
school Beta will also help out.

Meeting was turned over to Dachelle McVey to discuss the success of last
week's fair booth at the local county fair.

1. Last year's fair was 1 and a half days longer than this year's
fair, but we grossed over $1800.00 more.

2. Our booth was closed all day on Wed. due to lack of volunteers.

3. Fri. and Sat. were each over $4000.00.

4. Dachelle came within $100 of last year's expenses, which meant less
food was left over once the fair ended. Hotdogs, hotdog buns, and some
chicken was leftover, which L.A.C.E. is buying to use for the Apple Fest.

5. It looks as if profit will be around $8500.00

6. The only complaints she heard was the wait time for service and

Holly discussed the need for it to become mandatory to work the fair,
similar to what Convenant requires of its parents. Jeff McVey said it will
be discussed at Thur. board mtg. He also said they planned to discuss the
enlargement of the food booth. In particular, the food prep area and bumping
out the sections that cut into the serving areas. A second story would be
helpful, but he is unsure if it can be added. Of course, this would also
mean we would need to do a fund raiser for this particular project.

Holly began the discussion of the need for future fundraisers:

1. It was commented that last year's candy bar sells did not do well.
A lot left over.

2. Sell Dr. Pepper drinks

3. A possible consignment sale in the spring.

4. Coupon book where students only need to acquire addresses, which
was done in the past and participation was low.

5. Amanda Simpkins suggested "Art to Remember" where students draw
pictures which are then used to decorate mugs, calendars, Thank you cards,
etc. she is going to get more details on this fundraiser.

6. Kelly suggested having Sherry Slaughter do a scrap booking class or
for anyone else who would like to provide a class similar to her Coupon
Class, which was raised over $400.00 for the school 2 weeks ago.

7. Holly discussed selling shirts, hoodies, and car decals, with the
school logo. Designs were presented that picture the Boyd bronco horse head
and the school name. The background design could be changed out to represent
the different sports and clubs at the school. She showed three designs. She
plans to have her contact at Pulse Marketing to work more on the designs,
and then she will send out an email to all parents for their viewing.
Parents will be able to email her to give feedback. It was mentioned that
the "Christian" word on one of the designs needed to be in a bolder print.

8. Seat cushions and chairs were also discussed and Kelly Roberts said
that she would check on prices for those at the Outdoor Shop.

Dachelle wanted everyone to know that emails that come from her are usually
forwarded to her from Terry or PTF, so they may not actually be from

Holly stated that she had called that day to speak with Greg Vinson to
determine the balance in the PTF account. She called just before lunch, but
he was out to lunch. Her call was not returned, therefore she did not have
the amount to give the attendees at the meeting.

Jenny Spitzer brought up the idea of school uniforms that is being
discussed. Jeff McVey said that it will not go into effect this school year,
but to look for it to do so, at least partially, for next school year. Jenny
stated that she felt that school attendance would drop when this became
official. Jeff told her that she would need to voice her concerns to Mr.

Jenny also suggested to Holly that she send the agenda out by email prior to
the PTF meeting to parents so that they will know what is to be discussed
that night, which might also encourage parents to attend.

Kelly asked Jeff McVey if the board could release the information that shows
the actual costs of running the school. He did state that this has been
discussed before and public information has been given out. He said that the
school starts the year with a $1500 deficit per student. The rest of the
money must be earned through fund-raising efforts. Libby suggested doing as
Middle TN Christian School. They post on their website a percentage to show
what is covered with tuition and the remaining percentage has to be
made/gained through fund raisers and private donations. Jeff stated that he
would bring up these concerns at the upcoming board mtg. on Thur.

It was discussed again the need for mandatory hours to be given by parents.
This would be for everything, and not just for the fair. Such as, Apple
Fest, ground work, etc.

The meeting was adjourned and drawings were conducted for door prizes.

1. Sausage winners: Kim Rigsby, Amanda Simpkins

2. Ornament: Brittany Taylor

Additional Comments were made after the drawings:

Creative Couponing will conducted by Kelly Roberts on Sat. from 10-12. The
last class raised $460.00 for the school.

Holly discussed the idea of PTF providing all the party needs for a class -
for a fee. Example would be for a Halloween party for 3rd grade. Each child
would bring in $5 each and the PTF would use that money to get all needed
supplies and to make food. Profit would be given to school. A menu would be

Amanda Simpkins suggested doing a Parent's Night Out. The seniors are
already doing a movie night to raise funds for their class trip to Europe,
but we could still provide other nights.

A fun run, such as a Turkey Trot in the fall, was discussed. Students would
get donations for each lap.

Not voiced at meeting, but if each child raised say, $50, then they could
get a free shirt. We could also have a competition at school to decide upon
the artwork (created by children).

Dachelle brought up the Scavenger Hunt and asked if it would be done again
this year. Sonia said that she thought it would be, since it is used to get
needed items, such as, paper towels, plates, etc. for the cafeteria.

Meeting ended at approx. 7:30

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reminder to Drama Students-

Stephanie Edens will be on campus Friday for HEAD SHOTS! PLEASE WEAR BLACK.


From the Desk of Mrs. Terry

Thank you to all parents, teachers, and students who worked so tirelessly at our Fair Food Booth. Great job! We are also extremely grateful to Dachelle McVey for her dedication and commitment to this very important fundraiser. Please let her know how much you appreciate her efforts!

Report cards will be going out on Friday, Sept. 24 and need to be returned Monday, Sept. 27. Lands End magazines will also be sent out for viewing with no required uniforms for this year. Mr. Marquette does suggest buying the polo shirt for next years phase.

Book Fair
Shelley Rhoton would like to invite parents and students to the Book Fair which will run September 27-October 1 from 8:00-2:45. Don’t miss Family Night on Tuesday, Sept. 28 , 3:00-5:00 for the $100 free book drawing! We receive 55% of sales in Scholastic Dollars which is used to purchase books for our school library!

Sports Events
The District Tournament for golf was held Monday at Henry Horton State Park. Players included Clayton Myers, Robby Judkins, Jake Driver, and Sarah Buckner. Congratulations to Clayton who qualified for the Regional Tournament which will be held at Ross Creek Landing on September 27!
The Paper Football Championship (Bronco Bowl) will be held today as John David Keele and Rhiannon Hoover battle it out for the win! Trophies will be awarded!
The 3-Point Club Tournament for 5th & 6th grade begins Tuesday. Girls play Morrison at 4:30 and boys play Morrison at 5:45.
Cafeteria Menu
Tuesday- Baked Potato (with chili, sour cream, butter & cheese) & Chili Dog
Wednesday- Spaghetti, Steamed Broccoli, Texas Toast
Thursday- Grilled Cheese sandwich, Vegetable Soup, Pickle Spear
Friday- Grilled Hamburger or Hotdog, Assorted Chips

Dates to remember
Creative Coupon Class- September 25, 10:00-12:00
Applefest- October 9

Monday, September 20, 2010


PTF Meeting
Tuesday, September 21
6:30 p.m.Cafeteria
Come meet the new PTF board
and see what is in store for the new school year !!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Attention Parents, Teachers & Students-

To submit photos or info for the school blog please email TSULLENS@fcbcs.org.

Book Fair

The book fair is Sept. 27- Oct 1 from 8:00 am-2:45 pm.
Family night is Tuesday from 3-5.
We will be giving away $100.00 in books, so please come out and join us for this event!
BCS will receive 55% in scholastic dollars- which is used to purchase new books for our library.
Boyd Christian School Newsletter
September 13, 2010

School will be closed Friday, September 17th for Fair Day. We hope everyone has a safe and fun time! Parents, please sign up for the fair food booth if you have not done so. Sadly, we will probably have to close the booth at lunch time unless workers come forward. The community will never know what great parents we have at Boyd unless they are there to serve.

Creative Coupon Class
Kelly Roberts will be conducting her second Creative Coupon Class on September 25th from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 in the school cafeteria. Learn how to save hundreds of dollars on your monthly grocery bill while enjoying light refreshments with friends and family! Forms are available in the office and space is limited. We appreciate Kelly for allowing the proceeds to go toward Boyd School and for always doing such a wonderful job!

Cafeteria Prices
Mr. Marquette has announced price changes in the cafeteria will go into effect on Friday, October 1st. The price for orders in advance will be $3.00 and $3.25 day of lunch. Our goal in the cafeteria is to break even while staying committed to great lunches. ( There was a total loss of $2000 for the month of August.)

Dates to Remember
Farm Day for Third grade- Sept. 28th
Applefest- Oct. 9th
Pancake Breakfast for D.C. trip- Nov. 13th

Sports Events
We are pleased to announce the Elementary/Middle School will be playing in the W.C.B.A. League this year. Our coaches are: Girls 5th/6th- Greta Hoover, Boys 5th/6th- Brent Warren, Girls 7th/8th- Greta Hoover, and Boys 7th/8th- Jamie Brock.

Lunch Menu for September 13th-Sept 17th
Tuesday-Pancakes with Syrup, Bacon or Sausage, Eggs
Wednesday- Pizza (cheese, Pepperoni, Hamburger) Pasta Salad
Thursday- Grilled Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Assorted Chips
Friday- NO SCHOOL (Eat at the Boyd Food Booth!)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Boyd Christian School Newsletter
September 7, 2010
State average ACT scores are in and we are pleased to announce Boyd Students scored 30. The state average was 16. Great job!
Student Handbook Forms need to be turned in to the front office as soon as possible. They are attached to the back of the Handbook.
Also, three week Progress Reports will be sent home today with students. Please make sure these are returned by Friday, Sept 10, with parent signature.
Fair Booth
Parents, please make sure you have signed up to work at the Fair Food Booth. We also need pies, cobblers, chili, beans and cornbread. Let’s all help make this fundraiser a huge success!
The date for Applefest has been set for Saturday, October 9, from 9:00 am-4:00pm. Everyone is invited to participate in the “Chili Cookoff” with the proceeds going toward Boyd School. Trophies will be awarded to the top chili recipes!
Up Coming Sports Events
Golf Match Tuesday (home) Webb and Van Buren
Golf Match Thursday @ M.T.C.S.
Lunch Menu for September 7th-Sept 10th
Tuesday-Bar-B Queue Chicken & Green Beans
Wednesday- Sloppy Joe Sandwiches & Sweet Potato Fries
Thursday- Macaroni and Cheese Casserole, Fried Apples, & Buttered Green Peas
Friday- Grilled Hamburgers, Hotdogs & Assorted Chips

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

  • WHEN:
  • WEDNESDAY 8:00 - 4:00
  • FRIDAY 3:00 - 7:00
  • SATURDAY 8:00 - ?
  • We need electricians & plumbers. If you have any skills in these areas,please come. We will need to replace a water heater, a non-working electricoutlet & a power shortage in the kitchen area.