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Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18, 2008

Dear Parents:

Beginning with the second semester on January 6, 2009, we will no longer offer extended care for children in the afternoons. We simply do not have enough demand to cover the cost of this program. If you have made use of this service in the past, please plan to make other arrangements beginning in January.

Thank you,

Robert W. Harper

H&R Block Fundraiser

These are the basics of the program. Don Gooden will deliver forms to Mrs. Sullens that anyone who wants to participate needs to fill out and take down to any H&R Block office to have their taxes done. There are 2 offices in McMinnville one in the Northgate Shopping plaza near La Cozona restaurant and the other is in Wal-Mart. Don Gooden will be working in the one in the shopping center. The people having their taxes done must be new customers to Block (defined as Block did not do their taxes last year). Forms will be available in the office soon. If you would like one sent home with your child, please send an email request to info@fcbcs.org or call 473-9631. For each new client, 25.00 will be donated to Boyd Christian School.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As the week comes to a close, I just want to thank everyone for all of the support and donations you have given as well as prayers for the school. Everyone here is a family and we all depend on each other for support, donations, and help. It takes each of us to make a difference. I would like to share an excerpt from SYNCHRONICITY with you. Think on this excerpt. It may help you see how significant each and every donation is to the future of Boyd Christian School.

“Tell me the weight of a snowflake,” a coal mouse asked a wild dove.
Nothing more than nothing,” was the answer.
“In that case, I must tell you a marvelous story,” the coal mouse said.
“I sat on the branch of a fir, close to its trunk, when it began to snow – not heavily, not in a raging blizzard – no, just like in a dream, without any wound and without any violence. Since I did not have anything better to do, I counted the snowflakes settling on the twigs and needles in my branch. Their number was exactly 3,714,952. When the 3,714,953rd dropped onto the branch, nothing more than nothing as you would say – the branch broke off.
Having said that, the coal-mouse flew away.
The dove, since Noah’s time an authority on the matter, thought about the story for a while, and finally said to herself, “Perhaps there is only one person’s voice lacking for peace in the world.”

When we work together we cannot fail.

Little Miss Snow Princess Pageant

Little Miss Snow Princess Pageant applications are available in the office. The pageant is Sat. Feb 21, 2009 at Covenant academy Gym. Contestants must be 5-7 or 8-10 by February 21, 2009. Entry/Sponsor Fee is 55.00. The pageant is hosted by the McMinnville Junior Auxiliary. Please see Mrs. Terry for an application.

December 16, 2008

From the Superintendent

Please remember to read the information about school closing in the event of snow. This can be found on the blog. Watch TV stations 2, 4, and 17 for the latest information.

This year, for the first time, we are offering child care on days when we are closed for snow. We offered this service last Friday, but no one chose to make use of it. If you think that you would be likely to use our child care service in the event of a snow day, please call the school and give your name to Mrs. Terry Stubblefield in the front office. We would like to know beforehand if this is a service that we need to continue to provide.

High school exams will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, December 16-18. The exam schedule has been distributed to students and will be available on the blog. Students should not be on campus if they do not have an exam.

School will dismiss at 10:00 AM on Friday, December 19, for Christmas break. School will reopen on Tuesday, January 6. I hope that all of you have a very safe and happy Christmas season.

Staff Inservice Monday, January 5

On Monday, January 5, we will have a staff inservice day. Mr. Butch Vaughn, formerly the principal of Oakland High School in Murfreesboro and currently the headmaster of Providence Christian Academy in Murfreesboro will be our guest speaker. Mr. Vaughn will work with our teachers on our school improvement plan, which is the next step in our accreditation process with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. School will resume on Tuesday, January 6, for all students.

Upcoming Sports Events

12/16...HS Basketball @ Lancaster Chr., 6:00
12/18...7th-8th Basketball @ Dibrell, 6:00
12/19...HS Basketball @ Van Buren Co., 6:00

Lunch Menu for December 16-18
Wednesday…Chicken Quesadilla

Christmas Around the World

The Christmas Program was a huge success last night. Thank you to all of the teachers and students who worked so diligently to put on an entertaining program. A very special thank you also goes out to all of the parents who made such wonderful finger foods, desserts, and provided drinks for the first reception. Everyone at Boyd says THANK YOU.

Order Notecards

The Middle school classes are selling custom note cards as a fundraiser and they are lovely. Email mchisam@fcbcs.org if you would like to order.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Day

School is closed today, Friday, December 12, 2008.
Extended care is open.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Parent Reps

Dear Parents,
I am asking for anyone interested in being a "parent"
representative/volunteer for your child's classroom to contact me or your
Child’s teacher. There will be various things I may need your help with.
The following is a short list of examples: sending reminders to parents,
counting money during the magazine/chocolate sale, calling parents to assist
in activities, etc. I appreciate your cooperation and any assistance you
may be able to give me.

Thank you,
Angela Ramsey
PTF President

Angela will have BCS email in a few days. She will be

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dear Sir or Madam:

Hello, I’m Justin Reed, the Voice of the Broncos, and we have a new feature at our home games, SPONSORS! I will announce your business at the beginning of the half or quarter, depending on which you choose. The price you may be wondering? Only $25 per quarter, $50 per half. You are welcome to sponsor from one quarter to one whole game if you’d wish to. All money will go to the school. Please help out our school!
Thank you,

Justin Reed

Robert Harper, Superintendent
Order Form:
I would like to purchase: (check one)
 1 quarter @ $25
 1 half @ $50
 3 quarters @ $75
 1 game @ $100
 2 quarters (Girls and Boys) @ $50
 1 night (4 halves) @ $200
Name of Business: __________________
Phone Number: _____________
Contact Name _______________________
Message: __________________________________

Mr. Burks' Soldier Info-

Monday, December 8, 2008

From the Superintendent

High school exams will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, December 16-18. The exam schedule will be distributed to students and will be available on the blog. Students should not be on campus if they do not have an exam.
School will dismiss at 10:00 AM on Friday, December 19, for Christmas break. School will reopen on Tuesday, January 6.
Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to hear our Chorus sing at Rain Tree Manor. They were awesome! I want to congratulate our students and Mrs. Jeanne Hagar for their wonderful performance. Their performance at River Park Hospital has been changed to 11:30 tomorrow, December 9. In addition, they will perform live on the radio on 105.3 FM this Friday, December 12, at 9:00 AM. They will also perform in our Christmas program on December 15. These young people work very hard, and I know that they would appreciate your support.
Please remember to read the information about school closing in the event of snow. This can be found on the blog. Watch TV stations 2, 4, and 17 for the latest information.
Pre-K Parent note
December 8, 2008
This week we are to learning the letter M.
*December 15th @ 6:00 is the school Christmas program our class is singing. The pre-k kids need to wear jeans and a holiday colored shirt.
**Also our class is wearing sombrero’s (which they may keep) for the Christmas program please turn in to Renee’ $2.25 for the cost of the sombrero’s
*Polar Express Day is December 18th We will watch the movie, read the book and do special activities on this day your child may also wear pajama’s to school!
*Our class Christmas party is December 19th @8am each child needs to please bring a $10.00 wrapped and labeled boy or girl gift to the party and the listed food item below.
Christos-plates, cups, napkins
News from the Elementary

Kindergarten…Mrs. Hoover

Grade 1…Mrs. Keele
We will be very busy this week. Our reading stories are "Fox and Bear" and "Fox and Bear Look at the Moon". Our spelling words are listed at the top of p.206 and the bonus word is Rudolph. Mrs. Melissa is working very hard to help everyone get ready for the Christmas program next Monday. We will also be working on with fun Christmas art.
Grade 2…Mrs. Newby
Grade 3…Ms. Farless
This week the third graders will be learning how to spell words with ch, sh, and th. They will be reading the story "Your Dad Was Just Like You" in their reading book. Also, in language class they have been learning about verbs. This week they will be learning about helping and main verbs. Next, we are memorizing our multiplies of two and five in math class. Don't forget to study these facts at home. Our student of the week is Lexi Sullens. Finally, Dakota Spitzer and Lexi Sullens are celebrating birthdays this month. Congratulations to Dakota and Lexi!
Grade 4…Mrs. Vandagriff
This week is going to be very busy. We will be having a Language Test over chapter 10, and Science Test over chapter 4 on Thursday. We will also have our weekly Reading and Spelling Test on Friday. This week we are reading chapters 13-15 in Charlotte's Web. Our Spelling words will also come from Charlotte's Web. In Art, we will be making more Christmas ornaments for our tree. The fourth and fifth grade classes are working on preparing baskets for the nursing home. We are planning to make the visit next week. We hope everyone has a great week!!

Grade 5…Mr. Burks
The gift trays have been decorated and will be wrapped this week. The fourth and fifth grade art work is very colorful and bright. I am sure the residents of the nursing home will enjoy them. The masks to enhance the African Christmas song are about finished. We hope to complete them Friday. Academically, we will have a Language and math test on Friday, Reading, Spelling, and Science test on Thursday, and a Social Studies test on Chapter 5 on Wednesday. Have a great week.

Bronco Power

*Thank you to Linda Roller for submitting pictures.

Double overtime victory!!!

Canned Food Drive

Boyd Christian Leo Club is having a canned food drive until Friday, Dec. 12 to benefit the Senior Citizens Center. There is a box in the office for put cans of food in. Also, for every two cans students bring in, they will get to put their name in a bucket for a drawing for a free movie ticket to Three Star Cinema. One drawing will be for grades K - 6 and one drawing for grades 7 - 12. We will draw on Monday, Dec. 15 and award the winners that day.

Boyd Basketball Tee's For Sale!!!

Please support the Boys High School Basketball Team's Shirt Sell Boyd Basketball 08-09 Royal
Short Sleeve Tshirts $10.00
Long Sleeve Tshirts $15.00
Sweatshirts $20.00
Hoodys $25.00
Would make great Christmas presents!!!
Sizes Available from Youth 2-4 to Adult 3XL
Buy what's in stock and get it immediately:
Youth (2-4) Short Sleeve Tshirt, Long Sleeve TshirtYouth (6-8) 2 Long Sleeve TshirtsYouth (10-12) Long Sleeve TshirtYouth (14-16) 3 Long Sleeve TshirtsAdult Small 3 Short Sleeve Tshirts, 5 Long Sleeve Tshirts, Sweatshirt, HoodyAdult Medium Short Sleeve Tshirt, 3 Medium Long Sleeve Tshirts, 2 HoodysAdult Large Short Sleeve TshirtAdult XLarge 2 Sweatshirts, 1 HoodyAdult XXLarge Sweatshirt Or order yours and get it within a week Check your Gift List for Bronco Fans Contact Tracey Pickens 273-0409 ortpickens@pgac.com

Friday, December 5, 2008


Boyd Christian School
Comparison of TCAP Results, Spring 2008

Percentage of students scoring proficient and advanced
(Students without disabilities only)

Boyd Warren Co. Cannon Co. State Average
Grade 3
Math 100.0 85.5 78.0 91.5
Language Arts 100.0 89.2 87.8 93.7
Science 100.0 85.4 75.0 83.8
Social Studies 100.0 81.0 73.5 83.9

Grade 4
Math 100.0 94.8 85.7 93.5
Language Arts 100.0 92.8 93.9 93.3
Science 100.0 89.9 82.4 83.7
Social Studies 100.0 89.9 81.0 87.2

Grade 5
Math 83.4 96.0 95.9 96.3
Language Arts 100.0 97.2 97.2 96.8
Science 83.4 89.0 91.7 85.9
Social Studies 83.4 82.2 86.9 84.3

Grade 6
Math 100.0 96.8 96.6 94.9
Language Arts 100.0 97.3 98.0 96.1
Science 100.0 95.8 87.8 87.9
Social Studies 100.0 90.7 88.5 84.1

Grade 7
Math 92.8 96.3 94.1 93.9
Language Arts 92.9 96.4 93.5 93.8
Science 85.7 91.7 88.9 85.1
Social Studies 64.2 86.5 82.9 80.9

Grade 8
Math 91.6 97.9 97.8 93.8
Language Arts 100.0 98.3 98.5 96.2
Science 66.6 87.5 83.5 79.8
Social Studies 91.7 86.5 77.4 77.0
December 4, 2008

Dear Parents:

It is getting to be that time of year again when children anxiously watch the skies for snow clouds! In the event that we have to close school because of weather, we will have that posted on TV channels WKRN-2, WSMV-4, and Fox 17. Please check those TV stations for up to date information about school closing. You can also check the blog on the school website

Generally if the weather is bad enough to close Warren County Schools, we will also close. However, because Warren County buses must go into some higher elevations where snow does not melt as rapidly, Warren County Schools may need to close for two or three days, but we will probably open after only missing one day. In any event, please check the TV stations or the web blog.

I am happy to announce that we have made arrangements to provide child care for those of you who need it if we have to close school. Child care will be available from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Mrs. Renee Burch, our pre-kinder teacher, will supervise the child care. Children will come to child care will need to bring their own snack and lunch. They should come prepared to play in the gym or even to be outside if weather permits.

The cost for child care will be $20 per child for the day for the first child in the family, and $10 for each additional child in the same family, regardless of how long they stay.

Thank you,

Robert W. Harper

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Dear parents,
During this holiday season, children often want to get a gift for a special friend or teacher in addition to their classroom party. If this is something you or your child is planning on doing or would like to do, we have come up with a special way of letting that someone special know you care and helping the school out all at the same time. You may make a donation to the school, any dollar amount, in honor of that special friend. (You may also honor an outstanding teacher.)Both names will be displayed in the hallway (either on a tree or bulletin board) and the list read during the Christmas program. The dollar amount will not be made public, and no dollar amount is too small. This is completely optional. If you have already done your shopping that is completely fine, or if you simply prefer to handle things another way then that is fine too. Most of us have been extremely blessed and don’t really need anything, but it’s fun for the kids to give presents to their buddy, and this way they get to have a little recognition (which makes little kids feel good about what they did), and their friend gets to feel extra special as well, and both have helped the school. If this is something you would like to participate in, simply send the information and the amount to either your child’s teacher or to the office. We will start collecting for this immediately and continue to the day of the Christmas program.
Thank you for your help and support. Merry Christmas to you all!!

Gift is from____________________________

Gift is to______________________________

Special message you’d like to add____________________________________________



December 13 at 8 am is the ACT Test. Doors will open at 7:30am.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stadium Cups 2.00

Car Tags 10.00

BCS Mom tee 10.00

Donation to the school: priceless.

Fast Pitch Softball Meeting

There will be an informational meeting on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 in the cafeteria for anyone interested in playing fast pitch softball (grades 8-12) in the spring.

Christmas Tree Recycling

National Honor Society students have been asked to participate again this year in the Christmas Tree Recycling project with the Urban Forestry Department.

The date for X-Mas Tree recycling pick up is Jan 12.

Boyd Christian School’s responsibilities

· Provide the Honor Students for tree pick up
· Clean up sites after pick up
· With the help of Urban Forestry Department take the tree to Transfer Station
· Suggested time on the day from 9-12, meet at the Civic Center Parking Lot

December 1, 2008

From the Superintendent

I hope that all of you had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. I also want to thank all of you who came to join us for our Thanksgiving lunch.

School will close on Friday, December 19, for Christmas break. School will dismiss at 10:00. School will reopen on Tuesday, January 6.

You will have several opportunities to hear our Chorus sing in the coming weeks. On Monday, December 1, they will be singing at River Park Hospital at 6:00 PM in the lobby. On Wednesday, December 3, they will sing at Rain Tree Manor at 1:00 PM. They will perform in our Christmas program on December 15, and again at River Park Hospital on Thursday, December 18, at 11:30 AM. I want to thank Mrs. Jeanne Hagar for the outstanding job she does with our chorus, and I also want to commend the students for their hard work.

PTF News

There will be an important PTF meeting on Monday, December 1, at 6:30 PM. Mrs. Angela Ramsey is taking the lead in getting the organization re-started. The PTF has always been a vital part of the school. I want to encourage everyone to come to the meeting and get involved with the PTF. I also want to thank Mrs. Ramsey for her leadership and service in getting the group started again.

Basketball Pictures

Mr. Gordon Mayfield will be making basketball Pictures will be Thursday, December 4, after chapel. Players need to bring their uniforms. Order forms for photos have been sent home today. We have extras in the school office if you need one.

Upcoming Sports Events

12/2...NS Basketball @ Webb, 6:00
12/4...7th-8th Basketball vs. Irving Col., 6:00
12/5...HS Basketball vs. Cascade, 6:00
12/6...HS Basketball @ Riverside Chr., 6:00
(girls only)
12/8...HS Basketball @ Coffee Co., 6:00

Lunch Menu for December 2-8
Wednesday…Taco Salad
Friday…Chicken Nuggets

News from the Elementary

Kindergarten…Mrs. Hoover

In Kindergarten this week, we are getting into the Christmas spirit! We will begin Christmas art projects! We will continue working on the Old Testament books, the color words, and high-frequency words. We are also working very hard at blending sounds together to form words. Everyone is doing great! Have a great week!

Grade 1…Mrs. Keele
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. We will be busy the next few weeks. There is a PTF meeting tonight at 6:30. We will have a spelling test on Friday. Our reading stories for this week are "Trucks" and "Communities". Mrs. Melissa is working very hard with each class to get ready for our Christmas program on Dec. 15. Mark this date on your calendar.

Grade 2…Mrs. Newby
2nd graders will be working on writing letters this week. Each student will write a letter to send to someone special. We are ready for regrouping in subtraction this week. The class has done real well with addition. In Bible, we will begin a study from the book of Genesis. Have a great week!

Grade 3…Ms. Farless

The third graders hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. However, it is time to get back to work. In spelling class ,this week ,the third graders will be learning about words with the -sion and -tion suffix. In math class, we will be reviewing chapter four. On Friday ,we will have a test over chapter four. Don't forget to study! Also, they will begin the chapter about multiplication this week. Finally, we will be continuing to practice for our song for the Christmas program. We will be singing the Australian Christmas song "Six White Boomers." We hope everyone can come to see us perform at the Christmas program on Dec. 15th.

Grade 4…Mrs. Vandagriff

This week the fourth grade class will be working on wrapping the baskets for our Nursing Home Christmas Project. We are very excited about working with the 5th grade class on this project. On Friday, we will be having a Reading and Spelling Test. The Reading test will be over Chapters 10-12 of Charlotte's Web. We hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break. Have a wonderful week!!!

Grade 5…Mr. Burks

Fifth grade ask that you remember Pano Zavogiannis in your prayers. He had surgery on November 21 to remove his tonsils. The trays for the nursing home, painted by the fourth and fifth grades, are excellent. We will be working on the rest of the baskets this week and next. In math we continue our work in long division. Experiments on motion will be completed in Science. Social Studies will cover the Progressive Era. A test will be Friday. There will also be a reading and spelling test Friday. We will be working on correct verb tenses in Language Arts. Moses and the Ten Commandments will be our Bible study for the next two week. The memory work will be the Ten Commandments.

Boyd Christian School
Pre-K Parent note
December 1, 2008

This weeks Bible verse
“We love him because He first loved us” 1John 4:19

The letter of the week is L.

Friday is Walt Disney Day your child may come dressed as a Disney Character if they desire this Friday.

December - @ 6:00 is the school Christmas program our class is singing and they need to wear jeans and a holiday colored shirt please!

Polar Express Day is December 18th.

Our class Christmas party is December 19th @8am each child needs to please bring a $10.00 wrapped and labeled boy or girl gift to the party.

Triple B Club Meeting Reminder

Just a reminder there will be a Triple B meeting at Sullens Transport in the employee lounge Monday, December 8 @ 6:30 p.m.

4TH Grade Singing @ 3 Star Mall

Be sure to stop in between 12-2 p.m. @ 3 Star Mall to see the 4th graders singing Christmas carols!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Please come!!! 6:30 in the cafeteria~


Please support Boyd Christian School through all of your Christmas Gift Card purchases!
Buy a scrip card to any of the gas or grocery retailers listed (even Wal-mart) and Boyd gets a nice percentage. We are not asking you to buy something extra! You will spend this money on necessities & gifts anyway. Thank you. Come to the office to pay or go online to www.shopwithscrip.com and log in using your non-profit's enrollment code: A4847B3L18127. The list of vendors is enormous and we surely appreciate your patronage!
2nd Six Weeks
Principal’s List Honor Roll_______________

6th grade
Colin Stubblefield Dakota Jones
Clay Prater

7th grade
Lydia Henry Parker-Alan Warren
Hunter Hobbs
Marisa Hillis

8th grade
Bailey Gilliam Logan Hartman
Mahaley Keele

9th grade
Rachel Hale J.T. Morgan
Kaleb Tilton

10th grade
Justin Reed Olivia Newby
Ashlyn Cooper Parker Smith
Olivia Majors
Spencer Warren

11th grade
Katie Gooden Zach Arnold
Lucas Hartman
Dylan Fernandez
Megan Boren

12th grade
Monica Hillis Seth Bouldin
Jessica Hagar Leah Walker
Cassie Wanamaker Matt Nowalk
Victoria Woods Virginia Prater
Cole Stubblefield Kasie Palombo
Brittany Wynne
Brianna Wynne
Shelby Hice

Basketball Pictures!!!

Teachers & Coaches, The date for the basketball pictures has been changed due to conflicts with the high school basketball teams. Please include the new date in your newsletters. The new date is December 4, Thursday. We will be shooting after Chapel. All team members need to come dressed in their uniform (even if they do not want to purchase pictures) for the group shots. If any other teams would like to have their pictures made at this time, that would also be fine. We will be shooting inside the gym. Attached is an order form that the student will need to turn in on Thursday along with the money. Thanks,Dachelle McVey, LACE Treasurer

Christmas In the Park

Teachers, LACE is going to have a booth at Christmas in the Park on Tuesday, December 2nd. As usual we will have our pecans & cookbooks for sale, but we won't be having our usual bake sale this time. Instead we are planning a "Promote Boyd School" booth. Our plan is to give out cups of hot cocoa & brownies. We need help from the parents. Please include in your newsletters that LACE needs hot cocoa & brownies individually wrapped in saran wrap. We will be putting ribbon on them to represent presents. We will also (hopefully) have a DVD playing a school slide show. If any of you have any pictures, please email them to me to include in the slide show. Thank you so much,Dachelle McVey, Treasurer

Thursday, November 20, 2008

From Mr.Harper

November 20, 2008

Dear Parents:

Tomorrow is our annual Thanksgiving dinner. After lunch, elementary students will be dismissed if their parents want to take them home. Middle school and high school students may check out if they have a note from home.

School is closed all of next week.

I hope all of you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


Robert W. Harper

BCS Mom Shirts

You can order your BCS Mom shirt now! Send your order to info@bcs.org. Each tee is 10.00. Please send your money to the office. Sizes small- xlarge available.
Thanks for your support!
You can see it in person at the BCS gymnasium concession stand.


I hope you all will join us as we support Pizza Hut because they support BOYD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. Tuesday, take a break and order pizza. You will all be cooking for Thursday so treat yourself to dinner at Pizza Hut. It is also our first HOME HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL game and we hope you will dine in at Pizza Hut before or after the game or carryout your pizza anytime 10 am until 10 pm Tuesday! Boyd will receive 20% off all BCS purchases. This is very generous of Pizza Hut and we need to show them our appreciation by participating. Your child will get a slip of paper to show them today or you may ask for one for BOYD on Tuesday at Pizza Hut...but be sure to ask for the money to go to Boyd!!! We will not get a percentage unless they know you are associated with us. So enjoy!

Thank You Boyd Grandparents!!!

We just want to send a brief thank you to all of the Boyd Grandparents who have given to the Annual Fund! So far we have raised almost 2500! As donations continue to trickle in, we are inspired by your gifts to the school. Let's see if the parents can match that this spring!

Thanksgiving Lunch

We are so excited about having our Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow at 11:00. We have about 160 members of the Boyd School Family planning to eat with us. We look forward to a good time of fellowship with all of you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chorus Schedule

DECEMBER 1………………River Park Hospital
(Be there at 5:45 in the Lobby)

DECEMBER 3…………. ……..Rain Tree Manor
(Leave school at 11:30---Go eat lunch---Be a Rain Tree at
12:45—Start at 1:00—Return to school by 2:45)
**NEED TWO Parent Drivers --Need sugar-less candy canes

DECEMBER 8……………….Recording at Westwood
(Be there at 6:15 to warm-up and we will be recorded
at 6:30 p.m.---Be completed by 7:30-8:00)

DECEMBER 15……………..Boyd Christmas Program
(Time will be decided later)

DECEMBER 18…………….Dibrell Elementary
(Leave school at 7:30 a.m.---**NEED TWO Parent Drivers)
(Need candy to give out)

(Go eat light Breakfast—9:00 a.m.)

DECEMBER 18………………………..River Park Hospital
(Be at the hospital at 11:15 and Perform at 11:30)
Will return to Boyd at 1:30-2:00

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Newsletter Will Post Wednesday

We have had some computer issues, and unfortunately, the newsletter will not be posted until Wednesday. Thank you for your patience.


We are having a
Blue Out
To show our
Lady Broncos & Broncos
our support for them.

When? 1st Home game Tues. November 25th
What? We want to gym to be filled with Royal Blue.
How? If you don’t have royal blue check with the boy’s basketball team who is selling royal t shirts long and short sleeve, sweatshirts, and hoodys

If you already have royal, you are set. Just come out and help us fill the gym


PTF meeting Monday
at 6:30 PM
In the school cafeteria
Short informational meeting
BCS NEEDS YOU! Please Attend!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


L.A.C.E. Pecans are here and ready to purchase.

You may purchase them at the front office or see any L.A.C.E. member.

$7.50 per lb.
Craft & Bake Sale

Friday & Saturday,
November 21 & 22
McMinnville Civic Center
Regions Bank Craft Fair

We would appreciate any craft items or baked goods (please label baked goods). You may bring any items you would like to donate to the office on Thursday (20th) or Friday (21st).

Victorious Bronco's!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

8th Grade Explore Test

Thursday, 11/13 at 8am in the cafeteria. Answer sheet information will be bubbled in Wednesday, 11/12, during 7th period. They need to bring $8 in correct change in an envelope or a check made out to BCS.
-Gayle Mayfield

Bronco Basketball Bash - Highlights

Was a HUGE success. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Please RSVP

Please be sure to RSVP by Friday to Terry if you plan to attend the Thanksgiving meal. Also, be sure to send your pmt. so we can give Wilma Jean a tally. Thank you.

All O'Kasions Is Giving Back To Boyd!

Pam at All O'kasions is giving to Boyd! From Next Monday November 17 until December 17, All O'Kasions will donate 20% of all sales* to Boyd! You can pick up gifts, ornaments, wreaths, or order flowers for your loved ones. *You must have your receipt stamped and turn it in to the office at school. So get to shopping and ordering from Pam at All O'ksions. Thank you Pam for supporting Boyd Christian School! Call Pam at 473-7371.

November 10

From the Superintendent

I want to thank all of our basketball parents for your hard work in organizing the Bronco Basketball Bash last Saturday night. Tracey and Stan Pickens and Gena and Steve Tilton organized the event, and so many of you contributed so much in the way of food and gifts for the auction. I also want to thank our coaches who devote so much time to providing athletic opportunities for our students.

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and I hope that many of you will be able to join us for lunch. Last year’s lunch seemed to be a great success. Wilma Jean’s Kitchen catered the event, and we heard many positive comments about the meal, so we have decided to use the same caterer again. This year’s lunch will be on Friday, November 21. The lunch will once again be catered by Wilma Jean’s Kitchen.

Please remember that report cards will go home tomorrow, November 11. Parent Teacher Conferences will be held Tuesday, November 18, from 3:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon. Please contact Mrs. Terry Stubblefield in the office to schedule your conference.

Annual Spring Banquet

We have begun taking orders for individual tickets for this year’s Annual Spring Banquet, which will be Saturday, March 28, 2009, at the McMinnville Civic Center. Our guest speaker will be Coach Gene Stallings, former head football coach at the University of Alabama. Coach Stallings is a member of the Lamar Avenue Church of Christ in Paris, Texas, and has always been a terrific supporter of Christian education. Some of you may be aware of his son, John Mark Stallings, who recently passed away. Coach Stallings has spoken at other Christian schools in the area and is widely regarded for being a very inspirational speaker. Please contact Mrs. Stubblefield or Mrs. Sullens at school to reserve your tickets.

This year’s banquet will be sponsored by Dr. Pepper Bottling Company. Mr. Doug Milner, the general manager, has long been a generous supporter of high school sports and of Boyd Christian School. We are grateful to Mr. Milner for his support of this event.

Upcoming Sports Events

11/11...5th-6th Basketball vs. College St., 6:00
11/11...7th-8th Basketball @ Eastside, 6:00
11/13...5th-6th Basketball @ Dibrell, 6:00
11/14...7th-8th Basketball @ Van Buren, 6:00

Lunch Menu for November 11-17
Tuesday...Hot Dogs
Wednesday…Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Thursday…Chicken Quesadilla
Friday…Chicken Nuggets
Monday…Mac and Cheese

News from the Elementary

Kindergarten…Mrs. Hoover
In kindergarten this week, we will be making some Thanksgiving art! We will be learning the letters N and B. We will be sharing a big book called "Little Panda". We will continue with the Old Testament books. Have a great week!

Grade 1…Mrs. Keele
Our reading stories this week are: "Yes, We Want Some Too" and "Cat Traps". We will have a spelling and reading test on Friday. We are busy preparing Thanksgiving decorations to help decorate the cafeteria for our Thanksgiving meal next week. Don't forget to turn in your reservations and money for this delicious meal by this Friday. If you need another form please let me know. We will be studying about Samuel in Bible this week. Have a great week!

Grade 2…Mrs. Newby
Second graders will continue to work on double-digit addition this week. The class is doing a super job with it. In social studies we will begin talking about jobs. We will learn about needs and wants to begin our lessons. As Thanksgiving approaches we will discuss being thankful and write about it and do some holiday art.

Grade 3…Ms. Farless

This week we will be reading the story "Tops and Bottoms" in reading class. In language class, we will be discussing possessive nouns. All week in math class we will be learning about the different types of graphs. Also, on Friday we will be having a social studies test. Don't forget to study! Our memory verse for this weeks is Ephesians 4:13. It is a long memory verse so you will have to study this verse a lot at school and home. Next week we have our field trip to see "An Emperor's New Clothes" and our Thanksgiving meal.

Grade 4…Mrs. Vandagriff

The fourth graders are very busy this week. We are continuing our unit over the book Charlotte's Web. Our latest activity is comparing and contrasting city and country areas using paper plates. We will be having a Math test tomorrow over Chapter 2. On Friday, we will have a Reading Test and a Spelling Test over chapters 4-6 in Charlotte's Web. Our Memory Verse this week is John 5:23. In Bible, we will be talking about honoring God and honoring Jesus. Don't forget, the next 4-H meeting will be next Monday, November 17th. Have a great week!!

Grade 5…Mr. Burks
Our bake sales for the nursing home baskets are doing great. Thanks for all your help. The field trip to Cannon County Art Center is November 20. If you have not returned the form and money for the trip, please do so as soon as possible.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Order Christmas Gift Cards through Boyd

The Holidays are coming and we know you will purchase gift cards. Boyd Christian School is asking that you purchase them through our school.
You will initially purchase a shopping card (just like the ones you see in Wal-Mart, Walgreens or Bi-Lo) from the school. You then go shopping for your groceries and gas. Because the vendor is paid up front, Boyd makes a cut from each card. This is a very profitable for the school. If you do not have extra money to send to Boyd, this is your way of contributing greatly! Order your scrip gift cards today.

From Jessica Burton

As you know, Christmas will be here soon. Children in Nicaragua need your help. In Nicaragua, paper is 4.00 a pack. If you can get some school supplies and a pack of paper for these kids, put them in a shoebox and attach 2.00 on top for postage and we will get these to these children. Paper is only 50 cents here and that makes you think, "Wow, I am thankful for what I have". I encourage you to give a up a little money. If you are out shopping, just pick up some school supplies. I know that they would love you for doing this. You can take these to Mrs. Terry in the office. Cut off is Friday. I encourage you to help the kids.
Thank you.
Jessica Burton

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dear Parents From SchoolPop-One Cause

Congratulations! You helped recruit more than 20 new Supporters between August 1 and September 30, 2008, making our school eligible for a $1,000 bonus contribution!
To win the bonus, we just have to make all of our holiday purchases through OneCause, the new home of Schoolpop! If we earn the most total contributions by December 31, 2008, our school wins!
Get Started at the New Home of Schoolpop!
If you haven’t checked out OneCause.com yet, now is the time! You’ll find hundreds of merchants offering big contributions for our school and money-saving Coupons & Deals for you, including:
• $5 Off plus Free Shipping at Magazines.com through 1/1/09 (25% contribution)
• 2 for $30 long-sleeve kids’ polos at Lands’ End® through 1/30/09 (4% contribution)
• 50 Free Prints at Shutterfly (new customers only) through 12/31/08 (9% contribution)
• Free Shipping on select toys at Target.com through 12/1/08 (3% contribution)
• 50% Off at VistaPrint through 12/31/08 (10% contribution)
Give Our School the Gift of $1,000
Start Shopping Now through OneCause!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

T Shirt Design Contest

Michelle Chisam is having a Boyd Christian School tee shirt design contest. If you want to submit your art work to her- we will have a vote on this blog for the winning elementary and winning high school designs. So get your drawing pencils out and get busy!

November 4, 2008

From the Superintendent

Today was our first Bring a Friend to School Day. We had 44 student guests join us today. We hope that this will be a good opportunity for prospective students to see what life is like here at Boyd. Thank you to all of our parents and students who brought guests today. I especially want to thank Steve Hillis who came and spoke at an extended chapel service this morning.

I want to think our basketball boosters who organized the bonfire last night. It was a huge success and was well attended. I especially want to thank Mr. John Morgan who stayed all night to make sure that the fire was safely under control.

Our teachers had a wonderful day at the Christian Schools Inservice Day at Goodpasture Christian School yesterday. We heard excellent presentations on differentiated learning, and there were worthwhile small group sessions on a wide variety of subjects across all grade levels.

Our annual Thanksgiving Lunch will be on Friday, November 21. The lunch will once again be catered by Wilma Jean’s Kitchen. Mrs. Sullens will be sending more information home this week. We hope that many of you will be able to join us for lunch on that day.

Halloween Contest
We had a wonderful Halloween costume contest last Friday. I want to thank all of the parents and relatives who took the time to join us. Special thanks go to Mrs. Pat McClarren and Mr. Shelby Kohring who served as judges for this event.

Bronco Bash Saturday, November 8

This Saturday our basketball boosters will host our first Bronco Bash. From 4:00 to 6:00 there will be a spaghetti supper. The cost will be $5 for adults and $3 for kids. Also, beginning at 4:00 will be a basket auction. At 6:00, gym activities will begin, culminating in a Blue and White basketball game. For more information, please contact Mrs. Tracey Pickens.

Annual Spring Banquet

This year’s Annual Spring Banquet will be Saturday, March 28, 2009, at the McMinnville Civic Center. Our guest speaker will be Coach Gene Stallings, former head football coach at the University of Alabama. Coach Stallings is a member of the Lamar Avenue Church of Christ in Paris, Texas, and has always been a terrific supporter of Christian education. Some of you may be aware of his son, John Mark Stallings, who recently passed away. Coach Stallings has spoken at other Christian schools in the area and is widely regarded for being a very inspirational speaker.

This year’s banquet will be sponsored by Dr. Pepper Bottling Company. Mr. Doug Milner, the general manager, has long been a generous supporter of high school sports and of Boyd Christian School. We are grateful to Mr. Milner for his support of this event.

Upcoming Sports Events

11/4...5th-6th Basketball @ Spencer, 6:00
11/6...5th-6th Basketball @ College Street, 6:00
11/6...7th-8th Basketball vs. Victory Bapt., 6:30
(Boys only)

Lunch Menu for November 5-10
Wednesday…Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Friday…Chicken Alfredo

News from the Elementary

Kindergarten…Mrs. Hoover

In kindergarten this week, we are very excited about our reading reward trip to the movies on Wednesday! We are going to be making some art for Thanksgiving! We welcome our visitors for "Bring a Friend Day", Samantha Brooke and Kade! We enjoyed having you in our class today!

Grade 1…Mrs. Keele

We will have a spelling test this Friday. We welcomed friends today to learn about our school. Tomorrow is our movie reward trip. We will be leaving about 11:30. Remember our Thanksgiving meal, catered by Wilma Jean's, on Nov. 21. Reservations are due Nov. 14. If you need a form, please let me know.

Grade 2…Mrs. Newby

We were very happy to have seven guests in our room for "Bring a Friend Day". We talked about the election and the importance of being president of the United States. This week we will have our AR rewards field trip to the movie. Everyone is really excited about it. All of our class met their reading goal!

Grade 3…Ms. Farless

This week the third graders will be doing several fun activities. They will be making paper in science class this week. This activity will show them how important it is to recycle. In language class, they will be writing the final copy of their descriptive paragraph. Also, in math they will be learning about elapsed time and calendars. Our student of the week is Natalie Knox. Also, Noah Bost will be celebrating his birthday on Nov. 17th. Congratulations to Natalie and Noah! Finally, don't forget our Game Day and trip to see High School Musical 3 on Wednesday.

Grade 4…Mrs. Vandagriff

We are very busy this week. Today we started a unit over Charlotte's Web. We will be doing many fun activities with this book. Don't forget the Language Test over Chapter 7 on Thursday, and the Reading Test on Friday. Today was "Bring A Friend to School Day." We had 7 visitors in our class. We had a very exciting day. Have a great week!!

Grade 5…Mr. Burks

What a sight to behold at the Halloween dress up Friday. Thanks to everyone for their participation in the party. This week we will get back to work. Students will be practicing verb tense in Language as well as division in Math. There will be a division test on Friday. In Science we will be learning about mixtures and compounds. Our Bible story will be from Genesis 19, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. The memory verse this week is Psalms 1:1, 2.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bronco Basketball Bash!!!

First Annual Bronco Basketball Bash
Saturday November 8, 2008
4-6 pm Baked Spaghetti, bread, dink & dessert (5.00 adults, 3.00 kids)
4 pm Basket Bidding Begins
6 pm Gym activities begin (No charge)
-Introduction of the Bronco Basketball teams
- quick contests for prizes
-Auction of Baskets
-Blue & White game
Bring your friends & grandparents!

Bring A Friend Day

Math Games

Middle School tye-dye

Middle School visitors

We have 44 visitors with us and we are thrilled that so many show an interest in what Boyd Christian School is all about. Everyone enjoyed Mr. Steve Hillis as speaker in Chapel.(Thank you Mr. Hillis for always doing such a wonderful job for us.) The students are involved in many special events- some pertaining to the election. But, for the most part, these students are enjoying a "real" day here at BCS. Thank you to all of the families who have shared your children with us. You have made today possible and we invite you and your families to come back and talk with us about enrolling any time you are ready. The invitation stands. Enjoy your pictures.
Since today is such an important day for our country, Mr. Gann held a mock election. In honor of this day, students in grades 5 through 12 voted in the Presidential Election and in the local Mayoral election, which is also going on at this time. The Boyd Christian School 2008 Presidential Primary Mock Election was conducted to enable us to see who the most students in Grades 5-12 at Boyd Christian School want to win. It was also conducted to hopefully encourage our students to vote in the future when they are qualified to do so.
and the results are as follows:
Coming in last place was Rickey Jones with 15 votes. Coming in third place was the current Mayor, Royce Davenport with 23 votes. In second place is Norman Rone with 31 votes and the person that most Boyd Christian School students and their guests for “Bring a Friend Day” want to become the new Mayor with 36 votes is John Shields. The results of the 2008 Presidential Mock Election are as follows: This was a race between Barack Obama and John McCain. This was a landslide victory for one of these two as one had 88 votes and the other had 26 votes. The winner is John McCain! My Government class assisted me with conducting this Mock Election.

*To all of our BCS parents who drove children to school and will take them home, thank you for the support and effort.

Spirit Rally Bonfire

We welcomed about 25 visitors to our bonfire and successfully had about 100 in attendance. A special thank you go out to John & Renee Morgan, Steve & Gena Tilton, Stan & Tracey Pickens, James & Linda Roller and all of those who helped make the bonfire a huge success. We are looking forward to a wonderful day today with our visitors. Thank you to all of the families who have allowed your child to come and see what life is like at Boyd.

Play Day at Friendship Christian

Many BCS fans attended to support out Broncos. We are very proud of all of your hard work. We look forward to a fun and successful season!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Cassie Wanamaker won a $1,000 scholarship two weeks ago, from United Southern Girls Fastpitch! We are very proud of you!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Congrats to our best dressed winners and an extra big congrats to Miss Katie Bost (a.k.a. Cat in the Hat) who won the overall best dressed recognition. (She had a little help from twin sisters Kristan and Karrigan as Thing 1 and Thing 2.)
To everyone at Boyd: Have a safe and fun Halloween.
See you all back on Tuesday with friends!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bi-Lo Boosters

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Faculty, Staff & Supporters of BCS:
We are participating in Bi-Lo's Boosters Plus fundraising program this year. We can earn FREE money for BCS by simply shopping at Bi-Lo as you usually do with your bonus card. Just give one BCS enrollment card to your cashier ONE TIME and she will swipe it with your bonus card. You can then throw your enrolment paper card away and BCS will earn one percent of everything BCS families buy at Bi-Lo. There will be four enrollment cards on the sheet your child is bringing home today. You may give the other three to friends at church, grandparents, aunts, uncles or neighbors. Thank you for your participation. This costs us nothing and earns money for Boyd. Your child will bring these home Thursday or Friday. If you have questions, email Mrs. Sullens at info@fcbcs.org.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boyd Broncos High School Boys Basketball
Will be participating in the
Friendship Christian School Play Day
Saturday November 1st

10 am Boyd Christian vrs. Dekalb County
2 pm Smith County vrs. Boyd Christian
4 pm Boyd Christian vrs. Monterey

Admission fee $2 for parents and friends (be good all day)
Concessions will be available

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boyd Bonfire Rally

When: Monday November 3, 2008 6-8 p.m.

You are welcome to join us for the first annual Boyd Bonfire Rally. We will be roasting marshmallows and talking up our school with some of our guests for "Bring a Friend Day". Drinks will be provided by Mr. Steve Tilton and chaperones will be in attendance as well. Come out and support BCS! Let's all work together to help build our numbers. Students: Bring marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey's and Hot Dogs.

Scavenger Hunt Tallies

Boyd Improvement Project Totals

Congratulations to the 4th Grade Class who won 1st place
3rd Grade won second place
10th grade won third place

Joined schoolpop.com 17
Grandparents’ Pledge $1775
SCRIP purchases $5077
Aluminum cans 4270 (165 lbs.=$74.25)
soup labels 1061
box tops 1751
Tyson labels 10
packs of plates 65
ketchup bottles 91
ink cartridges 60
cell phones 17
movies 186
tabs 34 (# of sandwich bags full)
books 129
egg cartons 66
paper towels 144 (rolls)
penny war $232
Kroger Cards 116 (counted in $5 increments for points)
Clorox wipes 22
Expo markers 23
Measuring spoon sets 6 (for science lab)
spirit posters 21

October 27

From the Superintendent

We are eagerly looking forward to our Bring a Friend to School Day next Tuesday, November 4. This is the only day of the year that we will be in school when Warren County Schools are closed. We are asking all students in grades K-11 to talk to their friends who might be interested in attending Boyd. We would like for each student who is able to bring one friend to school with them on that day. We hope to have many potential students join us on that day. Registration forms will go home this week. These must be signed and returned by the parents/guardian of the guest student.

Please remember that school will be closed on Monday, November 3, for Christian Schools Inservice Day. Our teachers will be traveling to Goodpasture Christian School in Nashville for this event.

Our annual Thanksgiving Lunch will be on Friday, November 21. The lunch will once again be catered by Wilma Jean’s Kitchen. Mrs. Sullens will be sending more information home this week. We hope that many of you will be able to join us for lunch on that day.

Many of you have recently purchased scrip cards from Mrs. Sullens. Those cards have now arrived. Please contact her if you have not received yours. This is an excellent way to help the school raise money. If you have not yet had a chance to see Tabetha about scrip cards, please do so.

4-H Meeting October 30
This Thursday, October 30, our 4-H clubs will meet in grades 4-8. Officers will be elected at that time.

No School Monday, November 3
Christian Schools Inservice Day

Halloween Contest Friday, October 31
Our annual Halloween costume contest will be this Friday, October 31. Chapel will be at 8:15 with the contest to follow.

Annual Spring Banquet

This year’s Annual Spring Banquet will be Saturday, March 28, 2009, at the McMinnville Civic Center. Our guest speaker will be Coach Gene Stallings, former head football coach at the University of Alabama. Coach Stallings is a member of the Lamar Avenue Church of Christ in Paris, Texas, and has always been a terrific supporter of Christian education. Some of you may be aware of his son, John Mark Stallings, who recently passed away. Coach Stallings has spoken at other Christian schools in the area and is widely regarded for being a very inspirational speaker.

This year’s banquet will be sponsored by Dr. Pepper Bottling Company. Mr. Doug Milner, the general manager, has long been a generous supporter of high school sports and of Boyd Christian School. We are grateful to Mr. Milner for his support of this event.

Bonfire planned for November 3
A bonfire is planned for our students on Monday, November 3. This is the night before Bring A Friend To School Day. Please contact the school for more information.

Upcoming Sports Events

10/28...5th-6th Basketball @ Irving Col., 6:00
10/30...5th-6th Basketball vs. Eastside, 6:00
11/4...5th-6th Basketball @ Spencer, 6:00

Lunch Menu for October 28-November 4
Wednesday…Chicken Alfredo
Friday…Chili & Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Tuesday…Chicken Quesadilla

News from the Elementary

Kindergarten…Mrs. Hoover

Kindergarten is going to be exciting this week! We have our field trip to the "Pumpkin Patch" on Thursday! Our Halloween party is on Friday! It is going to be a great week! We are learning the letter i this week. We are continuing to work on our books of the Bible. Have a great week!

Grade 1…Mrs. Keele

The kindergarten and 1st grade classes will be traveling to Cedarwood Pumpkin Patch on Thursday. We are all very excited! We will have our spelling test on Friday. Friday will be very busy with our spelling test, costume contest and Halloween party. This week we will be reading "A Big Job" and "Sweet Potato Pie". Have a great week!

Grade 2…Mrs. Newby
2nd graders are looking forward to Halloween. We will be having a party in the afternoon with lots of goodies and treats. This week we are starting double digit addition in math. We will study capitalization in Language and begin writing in our journals. It is going to be a busy week with lots of fun thrown in.

Grade 3…Ms. Farless

The third graders finished decorating their ceiling tile for the Scavenger Hunt. They painted a picture of a bronco. It looks great! This week in class they will be writing their descriptive paragraphs about a place they have visited. Also, in math class they will be reviewing telling time. In social studies class, they will be going back in history to 1607 to learn all about the Jamestown colony. Finally, their habitat projects are due on Thursday, Oct. 30th. They will be on display out in the hall. Make sure you come look at them. I'm sure they will look great!

Grade 4…Mrs. Vandagriff

Fourth graders are very busy this week. We will be having a Tennessee History Test on Thursday. Also, we will have a Bible test on Wednesday. Don't forget the six weeks will end on Friday. The book reports are due on Thursday. Don't forget to dress up for Halloween on Friday. Have a great week!!

Grade 5…Mr. Burks

Fifth grade will be busy this week working algebra equations, learning about matter, becoming involved in the election process, learning about Sodom and Gomorrah, and finally celebrating the Halloween season Friday.

Monday, October 27, 2008