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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bring A Friend Day

Math Games

Middle School tye-dye

Middle School visitors

We have 44 visitors with us and we are thrilled that so many show an interest in what Boyd Christian School is all about. Everyone enjoyed Mr. Steve Hillis as speaker in Chapel.(Thank you Mr. Hillis for always doing such a wonderful job for us.) The students are involved in many special events- some pertaining to the election. But, for the most part, these students are enjoying a "real" day here at BCS. Thank you to all of the families who have shared your children with us. You have made today possible and we invite you and your families to come back and talk with us about enrolling any time you are ready. The invitation stands. Enjoy your pictures.
Since today is such an important day for our country, Mr. Gann held a mock election. In honor of this day, students in grades 5 through 12 voted in the Presidential Election and in the local Mayoral election, which is also going on at this time. The Boyd Christian School 2008 Presidential Primary Mock Election was conducted to enable us to see who the most students in Grades 5-12 at Boyd Christian School want to win. It was also conducted to hopefully encourage our students to vote in the future when they are qualified to do so.
and the results are as follows:
Coming in last place was Rickey Jones with 15 votes. Coming in third place was the current Mayor, Royce Davenport with 23 votes. In second place is Norman Rone with 31 votes and the person that most Boyd Christian School students and their guests for “Bring a Friend Day” want to become the new Mayor with 36 votes is John Shields. The results of the 2008 Presidential Mock Election are as follows: This was a race between Barack Obama and John McCain. This was a landslide victory for one of these two as one had 88 votes and the other had 26 votes. The winner is John McCain! My Government class assisted me with conducting this Mock Election.

*To all of our BCS parents who drove children to school and will take them home, thank you for the support and effort.