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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scavenger Hunt Tallies

Boyd Improvement Project Totals

Congratulations to the 4th Grade Class who won 1st place
3rd Grade won second place
10th grade won third place

Joined schoolpop.com 17
Grandparents’ Pledge $1775
SCRIP purchases $5077
Aluminum cans 4270 (165 lbs.=$74.25)
soup labels 1061
box tops 1751
Tyson labels 10
packs of plates 65
ketchup bottles 91
ink cartridges 60
cell phones 17
movies 186
tabs 34 (# of sandwich bags full)
books 129
egg cartons 66
paper towels 144 (rolls)
penny war $232
Kroger Cards 116 (counted in $5 increments for points)
Clorox wipes 22
Expo markers 23
Measuring spoon sets 6 (for science lab)
spirit posters 21