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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Boyd Improvement Project (Scavenger Hunt)
Oct. 20, 21, 22

This year the annual Scavenger Hunt’s main purpose is to improve our school. Except for the tabs which will go to the Ronald McDonald House, everything will benefit Boyd Christian School. With the Penny War, we want to buy more microwaves for the cafeteria. With other money raised, we want to get picnic tables for under the shade trees, swings for the playground, paint for the high school building and other worthy projects. Please help us help Boyd.
Interact and NHS
Item Point Value

Join schoolpop.com and place 1st order or register 1000 (Retroactive Aug. 2008) Turn in a note stating the name of the person who registered and also the grade, relationship, and name of the person who gets the points.

Grandparents’ Pledge (see attachment) and return signed pledge sheet including the name of the student this counts for.
$15/month for 1 calendar year 500
$25/month for 1 calendar year 750
$50/monthfor 1 calendar year 1000, etc
OR a one-time pledge/check for $180 3000
a one-time pledge/check for $300 4000
a one-time pledge check for $600 5000, etc.

Purchase a SCRIP from Mrs. Sullens. (See attachment.)
$2 125
$10 500
$25 750
$50 1000
$75 1250
$100 1500, etc.

8X10 class photo in a black frame from Dollar Tree
(will be used in the halls) 500

Aluminum cans (pre-counted and bagged) 10 points each

Campbell’s soup labels, Box Tops for Education, and Tyson’s labels 10 each
Unopened packs of 9” Styrofoam plates 300

Unopened ketchup bottles 300

Empty ink cartridges 300

Old cell phones 300

Used/good condition G rated movies 200

Spirit Posters for home games (2 per class) 300 each

Ziploc-style sandwich bag of tabs (unlimited) 300

Used/good condition school appropriate books 200
(like classics, AR list, etc.)

Candy and Coke sale during lunch
1 ticket per $1.00 sold 1 ticket = 100

Tues. Oct. 21: Pay $1, and wear a hat at school.
1 ticket earned 1 ticket = 100

Empty egg cartons (for elementary art projects) 200

Unopened paper towels (for elementary art projects and science lab) 200

Penny/change War in the cafeteria $1.00 = 100

Kroger $5.00 cards—Buy a card from Mrs. Sullens.
(Retroactive from Aug. 08) 250

Decorate a ceiling tile (under teacher supervision) 1000
If this works out, we will use them in the cafeteria.

Disinfectant Wipes –like Lysol or Clorox (used in science labs) 300

New Expo Markers 300 for 2

Set of measuring spoons (used in science labs) 1 per class 100

Get a Bi-lo card from Mrs. Sullens and scan it at the store with your Bi-Lo card.