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Friday, October 24, 2008

Bring A Friend Day

October 24, 2008

Dear Parents:

On Tuesday, November 4, we will be hosting our first “Bring a Friend to School Day”. This is the only day of the year that we will be open that Warren County Schools will be closed. We believe that our students are our best ambassadors for Boyd, and we want to encourage them to do everything they can to help us attract new students.

We are asking every student in grades K-11 to try to bring at least one friend to school with them on November 4. This will be, for the most part, a normal day of school here. Guests will follow a normal school schedule and will do the same classroom assignments that our students do. They will eat lunch with us, and we will have a special chapel service in the morning. We believe that this will be an excellent opportunity for other children to come and see for themselves what life at Boyd Christian School is like.

Although we have specified students in grades K-11, seniors may also bring younger guests. It is probably not appropriate to bring other seniors as guests, unless they are seriously interested in transferring to Boyd for the second semester of this year.

We will be sending home with your child registration forms for their guests. These will need to be completed and signed by the parents or guardians of your child’s guests. It is very important that we get this information back by Friday, October 31. We need to know exactly how many guests to expect, and we must have their parents’ permission. In addition, we want to stress that guests will have to abide by all of our school rules. For example, cell phones should be turned in to the school in the morning and retrieved upon leaving. Guests will be required to follow all aspects of our dress code, including hair length and facial hair for boys.

If you have any questions regarding Bring A Friend To School Day, you may contact either Mrs. Sullens or me here at school. You may also send questions via e-mail to info@fcbcs.org. Also, Mrs. Sullens is trying to get an e-mail address for every family. If you have an e-mail address, please send that to her.

We are looking forward to a wonderful day, and we hope to have many students join us.

Thank you

Robert W. Harper