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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

News from the Elementary

Kindergarten…Mrs. Hoover

Mrs. Greta's kindergarten class will be reading a book called "Animal Babies in Grasslands" this week! We will be focusing on the letter P. We will work on recognizing the numbers 6 through 10. We will be practicing the books of the Bible through 2nd Chronicles. Fall break is almost here! Hope everyone has a good week!

Grade 1…Mrs. Keele

Our reading stories this week are "Fish Mix" and "How Many Fish?" We will have our spelling test on Thursday this week. This week we will be learning about Christopher Columbus and also about fire safety. Please return school picture proofs and money by this Thursday. Remember, there is no school this Friday because of teacher in-service. Next week (Oct.13-17) is fall break. Enjoy your time off!

Grade 2…Mrs. Newby

2nd grade will be having pioneer days this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will learn more about the ways of long ago. Tuesday we will see things from the past and talk about them and Wednesday we are making butter and sampling other foods of the past. Thanks to Mrs. Kim Rigsby for making the girls a bonnet to wear. Happy birthday to Jaden Vining on the 10th.

Grade 3…Ms. Farless

This week the third graders will be finishing their landform maps. They are doing a great job making them. In science class, they will be doing several activities about food chains. They will be using their stuffed animals to make food chains and they will be playing a food chain game. On Wednesday, they will have a social studies test. Don't forget to study. Finally, their butterflies finally emerged from their chrysalis. They will have fun releasing them this week.

Grade 4…Mrs. Vandagriff

We are very busy this week. Fourth grade students need to be studying the books of the New Testament for their memory assignment in Bible this week. In Math, we are learning about patterns, and how to use patterns in solving various math problems. In Science, we are learning about ecosystems and the different habitats of animals. In Tennessee History, we are learning about the various Indians in Tennessee, how they lived, and the tools they used to hunt animals.

Grade 5…Mr. Burks

Fifth grade thanks Kim Rigsby for her time and skill in teaching them about the color wheel and how to use it when painting. Remember to send any caps that are not being used so we can give them as gifts to men at the nursing home. I know the students are sad that this is a short week and they have all the next week off. :) Have a great week and fall break.