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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dear Sir or Madam:

Hello, I’m Justin Reed, the Voice of the Broncos, and we have a new feature at our home games, SPONSORS! I will announce your business at the beginning of the half or quarter, depending on which you choose. The price you may be wondering? Only $25 per quarter, $50 per half. You are welcome to sponsor from one quarter to one whole game if you’d wish to. All money will go to the school. Please help out our school!
Thank you,

Justin Reed

Robert Harper, Superintendent
Order Form:
I would like to purchase: (check one)
 1 quarter @ $25
 1 half @ $50
 3 quarters @ $75
 1 game @ $100
 2 quarters (Girls and Boys) @ $50
 1 night (4 halves) @ $200
Name of Business: __________________
Phone Number: _____________
Contact Name _______________________
Message: __________________________________