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Monday, February 16, 2009


From the Superintendent

Summer Reading Program

We at Boyd are always trying to improve our academic program in any way possible. One area that we are looking at is our ACT scores. While our scores have compared very favorably with the area public schools, we still believe we have room for improvement. Under the direction of our guidance counselor, Mrs. Gayle Mayfield, we have begun giving the PLAN test to ninth and tenth graders. This test is designed to predict how those students would do on the ACT test. We are able to take the results from that test and determine what areas we need to strengthen.

One of the most important keys to doing well on tests like the ACT and the SAT is having an extensive command of vocabulary. Simply doing vocabulary exercises is not sufficient to prepare students. The single greatest thing that students can do to improve vocabulary, and subsequently test scores, is to read.

We believe that it is vitally important that students are well read. Aside from having strong vocabulary skills, we want our students to be well rounded and to develop a life-long love of learning.

We are in the process of putting together summer reading lists for our students. This planning is still in the early stages. We are not yet sure what grades the program will extend to. At a minimum, it will be for students in middle school and high school. There will be an expectation that students will read a certain number of books, depending on their grade level, over the course of the summer. Students will have a list of books to select from. Students will be required to read one or two specific books, and then also will be expected to read others of their own choosing from the list. When students begin school in August, teachers will begin class with the expectation that the reading has been completed.

As I mentioned, we are still in the early stages of putting this program together. As with most new programs, we will likely have to make adjustments from time to time. While it may take quite some time before we can measure any impact, we believe that the benefits of this program can be significant. We want you to know that we are always committed to providing the best education we can for your children.

Coach Chris Sullens Named Coach of the Year

Congratulations go to Coach Chris Sullens for being named Boys Basketball Coach of the Year for District 9, Class A. Coach Sullens was selected by his fellow coaches in the district. Other schools in the district are Van Buren County, Eagleville, Cascade, Forrest, Community, and Middle Tennessee Christian.

Upcoming Events

February 21...Booster Club Pancake Breakfast
February 27...Veteran’s Day Program Grades K-8
March 3...Spring Photos
March 6...Grades K-2 Field Trip
March 6-8...Interact Convention
March 28...Spring Banquet with Gene Stallings, McMinnville Civic Center, 6:00
April 3-9...Book Fair

Lunch Menu for February 17-23

Wednesday…Taco Salad
Friday...Chili Soup
Monday...Hamburger Steak w/ Mashed Potatoes

Middle School Soccer Starting at Boyd

We have had enough students sign up so that we can proceed with our middle school soccer team. The team will be coed, so both boys and girls are encouraged to play. The team is open to students in grades 5-8. If your middle school is interested and has not yet signed up, please have them come see Mrs. Terry Stubblefield in the office.