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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 9, 2009

Dear Parents,

I want to give you a “heads up” about some programs that may be offered next year. You may want your student to take the ACT test June 13, 2009 (registration deadline for this test is May 8, 2009). Taking the ACT is necessary for them to qualify for Dual Enrollment. You can register online by going to the school website, click on Guidance, click on Testing, and click on the ACT link. Call if you have any problems. DUAL ENROLLMENT is a program through Motlow State Community College where students receive college credit and high school credit at the same time. To make this program even sweeter, the Lottery Scholarship pays for most of the cost (except about $60). Some of our students have already taken advantage of this program, but next year, we may offer some of these courses on OUR CAMPUS so students will not have to drive over to the Motlow McMinnville campus. In order to qualify for dual enrollment, a student must have a 19 Composite on the ACT and in the subject area of the course. For English, you need a 19 in English and in Reading. For Chemistry, you need a 19 in Math and Science. This is the reason I am encouraging students to take the ACT, so that as many as possible can take advantage of this great opportunity. Dual enrollment courses will transfer to other colleges. Another program in the works is called CREDIT BY ASSESSMENT. These courses are taught by our teachers at our school using Motlow’s course content. At the end of the course, Motlow will administer a test to our students (the cost is about $65) and if they pass, they will receive college credit for the course -- if they enroll at Motlow within two years of high school graduation. We may possibly offer this credit in Marketing, Intro to Microcomputers, Criminal Justice, and/or Early Childhood Education. These courses cannot be transferred to another college until the student has completed 15 hours at Motlow. Students could feasibly get 15 credit hours while they are still in high school, for example, by taking Dual English I, Dual English II, Dual Chemistry, Intro to Microcomputers, and Marketing. We hope to offer more of these courses each year. Students may be able to complete the entire first year of college while still in high school. I believe these programs can motivate our students and give an added benefit of savings on college costs. Gayle Mayfield