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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2009-2010 Enrollment Contract

Name of Student ____________________________________ Grade _______

Name of Parents or Guardian _____________________________________________________________________

Billing Address ______________________________________________________ Phone _________________

Tuition may be paid annually, semi-annually, or monthly. Monthly payments are due in eleven payments due on the 5th of each month beginning in July, 2009.

Please check the appropriate blanks:

Registration Fee: _______ $200 paid by May 15, 2009 _______ $250 paid after May 15, 2009

_________ Annual Plan (Due before the first day of school. Includes 5% discount and waiver of tuition insurance premium):
Grades PK-K: $2,745.25 Grades 1-12: $3,506.25
_________ Semi-annual Plan: (First payment due before the first day of school, second payment due before January 5, 2010)
Grades PK-K $1,535.00 each payment Grades 1-12: $1,935.00 each payment
_________ Monthly Plan: (Eleven monthly payments; each payment due on the 5th of each month beginning July 5, 2009)
Grades PK-K: $279.09 each payment Grades 1-12: $351.82 each payment

Above amounts do not include discounts for additional children. $330 discount for second child in each family, $660 discount for third child and each additional child in each family…above amounts to be adjusted accordingly.

Indicate number of children in your family attending B.C.S.: _______

No reduction in tuition will be made for absence from school. If a student attends school for 5 days after enrolling, the family will be responsible for tuition for the entire year. If the child withdraws, tuition insurance will apply unless the insurance is waived by family. Only families who pay for the whole year in advance may waive insurance. Tuition is payable on an annual, semi-annual, or monthly basis as explained above. Students are not allowed to attend class until a payment schedule has been arranged and the first payment(s) have been made. Students will not receive report cards if their account is not up to date. A late charge will be added to past due accounts. Students may not be allowed to attend school if their account is more than sixty (60) days past due. There will be a $20 charge for all bad checks.

(Signatures of Parents or Guardians) Date________

Signatures of both parents/guardians required

F.C. Boyd, Sr. Christian School is a Christian school open to any qualified student without regard to race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin.