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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


School Photos Wednesday, September 9

From the Superintendent

We still need volunteers to work in the fair food booth. As you know, the Fair will be held September 11-19. Many parents have volunteered, but we still need more. We need all parents to help us in any way possible. Please contact Mrs. Dachelle McVey if you are able to help. This is one of our biggest fundraising projects of the year. Your help is appreciated by all of us.

As many of you know, President Obama will speak to the nation’s school children today on the topic of their personal responsibility for their education. Yesterday, the White House posted the text of President Obama’s speech on its website. You can read the entire speech here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/MediaResources/PreparedSchoolRemarks/. I have read the text of the speech, and I believe the message is very worthwhile for children to hear. Given that the topic is personal responsibility, it seems an especially appropriate message for parents to share with their children to help reinforce the issue of responsibility both at school and in the home. The tape of the speech will likely be available on the internet and on television this week. I suggest that all parents read the text of the speech and decide for themselves if they want to share it with their children. I will have copies of the text available here at school in case any of you would like a copy.

As I mentioned last week, we are looking for ways that we can provide services to home schooled students here in Warren County. We are putting together a database of home school families here in Warren County that we can contact about providing some of these services.

If you know of a family that home schools their children, please pass along their name and phone number to us here in the office.

Westwood Bridge to Close Monday, September 14

Please remember that the Westwood Bridge will close Monday, September 14. If this affects your route to school in the mornings, please be thinking about your alternate route so that your children will still be here on time next Monday.

Upcoming Sports Events

9/8...Golf vs. Cannon Co.
9/14...Golf vs. Van Buren Co.
9/15...Golf vs. Webb

All home golf matches are played at the Reserve at Collins River. We now have girls golf for the first time. If you have a daughter in grades 8-12 who is interested in playing golf, please encourage her to join the team. It is not too late.

7th-8th Grade Girls’ Basketball Meeting

We will have an important meeting for all parents and girls who want to play 7th-8th grade basketball this Friday afternoon at 5:00 in the school cafeteria. We do not have enough of our own students to form a team, and since it is not a high school team, it is acceptable to allow girls who are not students here at Boyd to play. If your daughter is interested in playing, please plan to be at the meeting. Also, if you are aware of any home schooled girls who may be interested, please mention it to their parents.