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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

From Mrs. Stiles

November 13, 2013


Dear BCS Parents:


I am starting my mini-nutrition and exercise classes with our Elementary P.E. students and will be having them over the next month.  I will be sending home handouts each week to help you see what we are talking about.  Please read over the handouts and help me to promote healthy eating and exercise with our students.  Physical activity and eating a healthy diet can promote happiness, health, more energy and a longer life.  I also want to share with you the Dietary Guidelines for Americans listed below:


- Build a healthy plate (make ½ your plate fruits and vegetables; switch to skim or 1% milk; make at least ½ your grains whole; vary your protein food choices)

- Cut back on foods high in solid fats, added sugars, and salt (choose foods & drinks with little or no added sugars; look out for salt/sodium in foods you buy – it all adds up; eat few foods that are high in solid fats)

- Eat the right amount of calories for you (go to www.choosemyplate.gov to calculate your daily calorie needs based on your weight, height, age, activity level; enjoy your food but eat less – watch portion sizes; cook/eat more often at home, where you are more in control of what’s in your food; when eating out, choose lower calorie menu options; write down what you eat to keep track of how much you eat; use food labels to help you make better choices)

- Be physically active your way – Every bit of exercise adds up and the health benefits increase as you spend more time being active!


It is my prayer that you will try to make exercise and healthy eating a part of your family’s lifestyle.  Thank you!




Mrs. Allison Stiles

BCS Guidance