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Monday, September 19, 2011

Boyd Christian School Newsletter

September 19, 2011

The fair is over and a lot of people can now relax a little. I would like to thank each and everyone who worked, brought food, baked pies, and did countless additional things that made BCS Food Booth a success. I would like to name each of you but I know I would leave some of you out. It always amazes me at what we can accomplish when we work together. Individually, we can never have accomplished more than we can collectively. Working together for the good of others is the Christian way.

On several occasions over the past few weeks, we have had former students come in and tell us how much they miss being at Boyd Christian School. They tell stories of what a difference BCS made in their lives. I have asked several of them to write their feelings down so I can share them with others. I would like to ask any of you who would like to share your experiences with BCS, to write your comments about how the school has made a difference in your life, or the lives of your children or grandchildren. I think these stories can be a great selling point for encouraging others to attend BCS.

We are nearing the end of September, and soon Christmas and the end of the first semester will be here. We need those of you who have committed to the 100 for $100 a month for a year pledge drive, to fill out the cards and turn them into the office. Continue to ask others in the community, church, or friends and relatives outside the area to make a pledge. There is a poster in the front window next to the door that is charting the giving thus far. We want to blow the top off the thermometer!!! Let’s make this pledge drive as successful as we did with the fair. With us working together, we can accomplish this goal.

Weldon Parkinson, Headmaster

Reminder to Elementary Art students: Please bring an extra shirt for Art this week if you have not already. We will be constructing paper pumpkins and it will be quite messy!
Thanks! Mrs. Tabetha

Lunch Menu

Monday- Chicken Tenders, Green Beans, Potato Salad, Grapes

Tuesday- Sloppy Joes, Curly Fries, Brownies

Wednesday- Breakfast: Bacon/Sausage, Gravy/Biscuit, Fried Potatoes

Thursday- Tomato Soup, Crackers, Grilled Cheese, Mandarin Oranges

Friday- Hamburger or Hotdog on Bun, Chips, Choc Chip Cookies