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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Recently I had the privilege of meeting a man who means a great deal to Boyd Christian School. In fact, it was largely because of his and others like him, efforts and hard work that BCS is what it is today. This man worked for many years to insure students were able to attend a Christian school right here in this community. When something needed to be done, I am told Mr. C.N. Womack saw that it was done.

I know I cannot have the same impact that Mr. Womack had during his many years of service to this school. As the headmaster I don’t know that anyone can. All I can do is to try to carry on the tradition of Christian education as we now have it in this area of Middle Tennessee.

In order to accomplish this goal, we must all be united in one mind and spirit. We must allow problems of the past that has separated us be forgotten. Yes, mistakes were made and being human we will make future mistakes. But with the guidance of God, and forgiving one another, we can be the light in this community that Mr. Womack and others like him envisioned.

It is the dawning of a new day. What will this day bring? That question will be answered by each of us who are stakeholders in this school. Will I be a source of strength and encouragement? Will I work with my time and resources to make it better? Or will I hold on to my grudge and in reality, hurt myself by so doing? Jesus said to forgive in Matthew 18. I am asking as the new administrator that you forgive all past mistakes and lets pull together to make Boyd Christian School the best it can be. You will be proud you did.

Our numbers are down and we are going to have to make up the shortage in the budget. If you can make a tax free donation now or any time in the near future please do so. As tax time approaches and you find you need a tax deduction please remember Boyd Christian School.

Our future depends upon us uniting and truly having a common goal of making sure it truly is the dawning of a day where we have a bright and glorious future as the only Christian school in this area.

In Him,

Weldon Parkinson, Headmaster