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Monday, February 6, 2012

From Mr. Parkinson

What an exciting time to be at Boyd Christian School! Every day I see the benefits of attending BCS in the lives of our students. I am so thankful for the parents of our young people who have chosen to give a Christian education to their children. I am thankful for the Christian teachers who sacrifice to teach here as well as the support staff and the work that they do.

I want to challenge every family to bring one new student to Boyd Christian School for the 2012-13 school year. Many times your minister may challenge you to bring one person to Christ during the year. Many times it is what our young people learn in their association with their peers that will determine the destiny of their souls. What better place to be than BCS during their school years and associate with students who are being encouraged to develop Christian morals?

I would like to see every child in this area receive a Christian education if that is what they and their parents desire. If you are interested, please come and visit with us at BCS and let's sit down and talk. If you do not feel you can afford it, scholarships are available on a limited basis. Let's talk and see if something can be worked out. We have donations being made for that purpose and encourage others to also make donations for those interested in a Christian education.

I continue to ask for prayers for the school, its teachers, and administrators. Our school is in need of more students. I am convinced that they are out there; we just have to contact them and encourage them to come and take a look. I think you will like what you see going on at Boyd Christian School.

In Him,
Weldon Parkinson, Principal