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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PTF Notes

P.T.F. Meeting Monday January 30th.
Box Tops: $1,300 check from box tops before Christmas

Have raised $ 60k so far, still $60k to go

Spring Flower/fern sale coming soon

March Madness: 1. walk-a-thon for scholarships 2. T-shirts sold 3. Other activities for students

Goal- gets students to B.C.S. Talk the school up to others 50 folders was prepared with info and letter about the school people are encouraged to pass them out, extended program will be offered.

Board Member Meeting
Spring banquet at Bridgestone with Johnny Majors April 26, 2012

Barbara Hash will prepare meal for banquet

Mr. Parkinson has decided to stay through 2013-2014 school year.

Pre-registration Feb. 27-March 31
Registration from $300 dropped to $200
1st 10 NEW never having had attended Boyd Before students to register will register for free.

Committee to brainstorm ideas:
all students enrolled by March 31
If 140 students registered 1 free scholarship will be given
If 160 students registered 2 free scholarships will be given
If 175 students registered 5 free scholarships will be given
If 200 students registered 10 free scholarships will be given

Needs Requested from Mr. Parkinson
1. Pray for school
2. Encourage others to attend B.C.S.
3. Volunteer
4, Raise scholarship money