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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

3rd Grade Science Experiment

I was asked to pay a visit to 3rd grade today to see how their science experiments are progressing. The 3rd grade is studying the scientific method.

They asked each student to wash their hands in a different manner to see which grew the most bacteria. This child had an average bacteria growth from not washing her hands.

This student proves to be very bacteria free, even though he did not wash his hands.

This child used hand sanitizer as opposed to soap.

 The students all keep a science journal to record their findings.

They are asking questions, forming a hypothesis, and synthesizing their findings.

They are  all actively engaged and excited to see how the bacteria has grown from day to day.

 Mrs. Maranda asks them many questions about their experiment...
... studying vocabulary: bacteria and germs...
 ...recording their findings...
 This has been a pleasure to observe today. Thank you for inviting me, 3rd grade!