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Monday, August 19, 2013

Dear Parents,

We are into week three of school and I am continually motivated and encouraged by our program. I am sitting in on classes, IEP meetings, state training and more. Every day I am learning how to better serve you and your children.

The athletic clubs are well underway and growing. The K-2 cross country team just makes my heart happy. Knowing that we can provide athletics for all grades is something that we can certainly take pride in and we are indebted to our coaches for your generosity. You, too, are touching every life on your team. Thank you.

            As we move further into the grading period, and the work load become heavier, please encourage your children to rest and eat breakfast. Check in daily and ask if you can help with homework. Ask to see homework! The more involvement you have with your child, the more successful he or she will be. Remind your child that challenge is how they grow. If everything about school were easy, they would not learn and blossom. As they face challenge, remind them that we are all on their side and we want to see their success. That is why we have dedicated our lives to education.


We dare to stake our hope

on the gladdest news of all:

if God permits the challenge,

He will provide the grace

to meet it.


Have a wonderful week!



Mrs. Sullens