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Monday, September 8, 2008

Applefest Letter To Parents

Boyd’s Got Talent - 2008 Applefest
September 27, 2008

a. Time: 3:00 – 6:00
b. Place: Classrooms & Front yard
c. This year we have added a Dragon Crawl, Castle Bouncer and Carnival Games outside. Don’t let your children miss out on all the fun & prizes!
II. Have an apple snack at our Concession Stand.
a. This year we are adding a concession stand out in the front yard. It will serve all types of apple snacks for your Applefest needs!
III. Don’t forget to save room for our annual Chili Supper.
a. Time: 4:00 – 6:30
b. Menu: Chili, Crackers, Grilled Cheese, Hot Dogs/Chili Dogs, Variety of Pies, Sweet or Unsweet Tea
c. Admission Price: $6.00 Adults, $4.00 Students. Discounts provided when purchasing an Advance Talent Show/Chili Supper Ticket.
d. All food will again be prepared by L.A.C.E. members.
IV. Due to popular demand the Boyd’s Got Talent: Talent Show is returning!
a. Time: 6:30 - ??
b. Place: Boyd Gym
c. Admission Price: $6.00 Adult, $4.00 Student. Discounts provided when purchasing an advance Talent Show/Chili Supper Ticket
d. Students must complete a Talent Show Application and return it to the front office with their application fee.
e. Talent of any kind can perform. Examples: singing, bands, instrumentals, original poetry readings, skits, ballet, gymnastics, magic shows, joke telling, etc.
f. Grand Prize is worth $100. First Prize Individual is $50 and First Prize Group is $50. The prizes are subject to change based on applications received.
V. Put a bid on a Terrific Theme Basket
a. When: September 19 – September 27 @ 6:00
b. Where: Front entrance hallway
c. Winners will be announced at the Talent Show.
VI. Help your child’s class win the Boyd’s Got Talent: Class Competition
a. Advanced Ticket Sales
i. Advanced “Dinner & Entertainment” Ticket will include chili supper and entry into the Talent Show
ii. Price: $10.00 Adults, $5.00 Students. That’s a $2 discount for adults and $3 discount for students!
iii. Classes will receive 1 point for every dollar received.
iv. Tickets will be available for sale until 9/24/08.
b. Basket Auction & Participation will be included in the competition.
c. Winning Class Prize
i. The winning classroom will receive an all expense paid field trip to the movies (includes bus & ticket price).