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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Turn your everyday shopping into
contributions for our school!

Dear Students, Parents & Alumni,
How would you like to start earning money for our high school every day
- just by shopping? Now you can! We have enrolled in the Schoolpop
Shop to Support Your School program, a year-round shopping program
that allows us to earn contributions for our school through your everyday
purchases. It's absolutely FREE! In fact, you can even save money on your
purchases with Schoolpop's weekly Coupons & Deals email and seasonal

We'd love for all of our new families to get involved and help us earn
contributions for our school!
It's so simple! All you have to do is register with Schoolpop and start
shopping online at www.schoolpop.com with hundreds of your favorite
leading merchant websites, select stores and catalogs. Up to 20% of each
purchase goes right back to our school! You can help us earn even more
contributions when you register your credit and debit cards to shop with
Neighborhood Merchants. To top it off, apply for a Schoolpop Platinum
Visa® to earn 1% on every purchase plus big contributions at a select
group of name-brand merchants, including Marriott, Pottery Barn and
Eddie Bauer.

Here's how to get started
1. Go to www.schoolpop.com and click Join. Choose our high school to
receive the contributions from your purchases.
2. Fill out your Profile Information and choose your Preferences. Remember
to apply for a Schoolpop Visa and register it on Schoolpop's secure
server so that our school earns contributions from purchases you make
in-store and through catalogs with Visa Rewards Merchants.
3. Opt-in to receive emails about purchase confirmations, new merchants,
special promotions and extra bonuses. Be sure to add
schoolpop@schoolpop.p0.com to your email address book to ensure
Schoolpop communications are delivered to your inbox.
4. Set www.schoolpop.com as your home page! It's easy – while you are in
your Internet browser, choose ‘Tools’ from the top menu, select ‘Internet
Options’ and add www.schoolpop.com as your Home Page. The next
time you log onto the Internet, you'll be set to shop at Schoolpop.

Remember, the more you shop through Schoolpop, the
more you earn for our high school!
Enroll TODAY at www.schoolpop.com!
It's easy to help us earn extra
contributions all year round
when you make purchases at
Schoolpop Visa Rewards
Give our school 1% of every
purchase you make when you shop
with Schoolpop Platinum Visa! You
earn a $20 one-time contribution
when you make your first purchase
with your new card and get extra
contributions at a select group
of name-brand merchants,
including Hard Rock Café,
Pottery Barn, and Marriot
Simply go to
and register your
Schoolpop Visa.
When you shop
with any Visa
Merchant using
your registered
card, you
for your high
for a complete list of
national and
neighborhood Visa
Rewards Merchants.
If you own a
business and would
like to become a
part of our
Merchant program,
or know someone that does,
please contact our Schoolpop
Champion or call (888) 200-2088
to enroll Today!

Go to www.Schoolpop.com and sign up in Boyd School's name!!!
Thank you for your support!!!