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Monday, September 29, 2008

Yard Signs !!!

Dear Parents:
We now have yard signs to display in your yard supporting your elementary child, middle school child, senior, honor student or Bronco! If you are interested, I will sign you up on a schedule and you will be able to display the sign in your yard in honor of your child or grandchild, niece or nephew, for one week. All we ask is that you make a 20.00 donation to the school. You can also designate to send it to a friends’ yard. (Much like the flamingo project, it will surely draw attention and make your student feel special.) Tell someone that you are proud of them and call the school to have one delivered. We have elementary and middle school signs, a Senior sign and a Bronco sign. These are really nice quality signs. Think about how special your student will feel when he or she arrives home to see that BOYD LOVES THEM! So call the school today and ask when you can display one in your yard. * If you choose to display it all year, we ask that you purchase the sign for 50.00.
Thank you for supporting BCS!